Chronicles of Rondure Characters

There aren’t as many Chronicles of Rondure characters as there are in my other works. And Tash Holmes, the first character you meet in the Chronicles of Rondure reader magnet, plays no role in the full-length novels.

Enter Mina Hirai, our protagonist, and member of the Insurrexxion, a group of freedom fighters hoping to overthrow the notorious global superpower that is the Empire of Bastille.

Mina may have some help along the way. But spoiler alert, it won’t come from Tash. Below, you will find a list of main characters from Chronicles of Rondure: Civil War, starting with Mina Hirai. I won’t say too much here, but I will tell you most of the characters listed below will be given vague descriptions to avoid spoilers.

Introducing the Chronicles of Rondure Cast

Mina Hirai

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War

Culled into the Bastille Military when she was five years old, Mina Hirai became one of Bastille’s most respected officers, despite her young age. But during a moment of ultimatum, she’s forced to expose herself as a member of the Insurrexxion. A move that gets her jailed. And of course, it’s where her story begins.

I had a bit of fun with Mina, naming her after Mina Myoi and Momo Hirai from the K-Pop Girl Band Twice. That said, Mina’s physical characteristics imply she’s of East Asian descent. Or the World of Rondure’s equivalent of East Asia.

She can wield the Smoke Element and has become a master at her craft. Despite the bleakness early on in her story, Mina discovers something significant about herself. So significant (and unique) only four other people in the Five Worlds possess the same ability.

Mina is on the petite side, standing at five feet, two inches tall, and weighing no more than one-hundred-ten pounds. Despite her tiny physique, she is rather athletic looks-wise. Chronicles of Rondure is unique as the entire story is told only from Mina’s point of view.


Rokko Streets

It took me a while to find an appropriate surname for Rokko. In the end, I went with Streets considering an epic character trait of his. Rokko is a Metal Master, with the ability to control the Metal Element with expertise. Rokko is also a Generational, meaning he was born and raised in the All-Elemental City of Paramount. A city where the most respected Elemental Masters in the Bastille Military live in excess abundance at the expense of the Five Hundred Cities.

Rokko, like every well-off kid in Bastille, enjoys favored status in the Bastille Military. Something he uses to his advantage. But there is something secretive about Rokko that provides the story’s first of many plot twists.

Rokko has ringlet hair, olive-green eyes, and a lean physique with just the right amount of muscle. He stands no taller than five feet, seven inches, and weighs between one-hundred-fifty and one-hundred-sixty pounds.


Amiya “Miya” Na-Yeon

Arguably my favorite character in the Elementals Universe. At least as far as primary supporting characters go. Amiya, a mute, can only communicate through writing and miming. However, she’s mastered the craft and practically has created her own, personal sign language. When she talks, her enunciation is so poor only those closest to her know what she’s saying.

I’ve always considered Amiya to be not only the book’s breakout character but perhaps the breakout character in Chronicles of Rondure. I named her after a character I was rather fond of in a book I read back in January 2021. Her last name is a nod toward Nayeon, also from Twice. Looks-wise, I based her on Moametal from the J Pop Heavy Metal band, Babymetal.

I also describe Amiya as perhaps the smallest character in the entire Renegades Epic (also comprising Elementals of Nordica and Terrian Chronicles). She stands no taller than four feet, ten inches tall, and weighs between eighty and eighty-five pounds. But one word of warning: Don’t let her small size or her muteness fool you.


Asuka Nakamoto

The mysterious Asuka, named after Asuka Kasen from the 2001 video game GTA III, and Babymetal’s Suzuka Nakamoto, does not make her appearance early in Civil War. But odds are, she’s also in the running for all-time favorite character status.

I based Asuka’s personality on World of the Gateway’s Hannah Ballard. And like Hannah, there’s something huge about Asuka that won’t just shift the plot in Chronicles of Rondure: Civil War – it will shift the plot in what is the entire Renegades Epic. Let’s just say Asuka is a lot like a few other characters in the Epic.

Look’s-wise, she has jet-black hair that falls just past her shoulders. She stands between five feet and five feet, one inch tall, with fawn skin, and almond-shaped eyes. Like Mina and Amiya, she also descends from Rondure’s Far East equivalent.



A prisoner held in the Empire of Bastille’s notorious Colony. Messiah, whose real name is Newton Knight, was once a well-respected leader in Bastille Military. So much he tried to overthrow it, which landed him in the Colony. But unlike the Insurrexxion, Messiah wanted to overthrow Bastille for his own, personal gain.

It took hordes of soldiers just to arrest and drag him to prison. And today, he’s the reason prison guards unwarded the Colony’s walls. He’s at such a high experience level that he can break down any ward they throw at or even on him. Therefore, armed guards patrol the Colony’s perimeter day and night, knowing one day, Messiah will attempt an escape.

Messiah first entered my mind after reading Tarah Benner’s Lawless, and I based his character on Mother Mercy from Benner’s post-apocalyptic dystopian series.

However, Messiah’s looks and voice are based on Newman, the lead antagonist in the hit TV show, Seinfeld. Hence his real name, Newton (a spinoff of Newman) Knight (after Wayne Knight, the actor who portrayed Newman). Like Newman, Messiah often speaks in a jovially sinister tone.


The Insurrexxion

Not necessarily one of the Chronicles of Rondure characters, but the Insurrexxion deserves a bit of recognition here. I was looking for a catchy name and of course, Rebellion has been overused. I then walked down memory lane and remembered an old WWE (WWF at the time, I think) pay-per-view called Insurrexxion – at least I think that’s how it was spelled!

In the featured image, you will see something that resembles a Nied Rune, which serves as the Insurrexxion’s symbol. While I colored it a light silver in this photo, mainly for aesthetics, I’ve always pictured the symbol as orange, resting against a purple (or black) field on a flag. The color scheme is a nod to my favorite NBA team, the Phoenix Suns.



So, as you can see, no Tash Holmes. So where did Tash go? In my reader magnet, Chronicles of Rondure, I leave a huge clue regarding Tash’s whereabouts. In the magnet, you will also meet Mina, who plays a pivotal role in the book.

And as you probably noticed, Chronicles of Rondure has a much smaller cast than Elementals of Nordica and the Terrian Chronicles. Therefore, if you’re looking for more character-driven work, Chronicles of Rondure is a much better fit than the ensemble casts Elementals of Nordica brings to the table. Ditto for the Terrian Chronicles.