Why did Mikko and Valkyrie Sneak into South Nordica?

Why Mikko and Valkyrie snuck into South Nordica

Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen are a pair of twins you will meet in Wind Wielder. Near lifelong residents of Nordica, they snuck into South Nordica repeatedly. 

If there is one thing about Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen, it is that they both love everything about Nordica and despise much of what is going on in South Nordica. But in Wind Wielder, the dynamic twin duo admitted to sneaking into South Nordica several times, often hanging out down there for weeks while claiming to their legal guardian, Col Eriksson, that they were in Nordica. So what did they like about South Nordica?

Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen are a pair of daredevil twins, something Valkyrie makes known to Sion in Wind Wielder. And although Valkyrie loves everything about Nordica, from its market economy to the rights of elementals to practice their ability without extensive government oversight, she still enjoyed the jaunt into South Nordica. Doing so despite the latter’s collectivism and stigma against elementals. 

What Motivated Mikko and Valkyrie to Vacation in South Nordica?

A Small Sample Size of Mikko and Valkyrie sneaking into South Nordica

Chronicles of the Elementals
Mikko and Valkyrie first appear in Chronicles of the Elementals.

While Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen snuck into South Nordica numerous times, I documented one of their jaunts in my reader magnet Chronicles of the ElementalsAnd while the story mainly focuses on the twins’ getting caught up in the riots taking place in New Nordican City (NNC), it also touches on what attracted them to the area: The bar and party scene.

This is one important concept about South Nordica, despite the small sample size shown. South Nordica is eerily similar to what you see in Oceania, the superstate in George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-FourOne of the concepts involves dumbing down the populace. And this mainly comes in the form of mindless entertainment.

That said, despite South Nordica’s collectivist nature and harsh laws, they encourage bread and circus acts. Something Valkyrie even touches on in Elementals of NordicaAnd despite Valkyrie’s brains, she is prone to falling victim to such mindless entertainment.

All this mindless entertainment is not what you see in Nordican culture, with most of its inhabitants focusing on achieving their own personal goals. Therefore, with the work ethic so high in Nordica, most Nordicans have no time for the bread and circuses depicted in South Nordica.

The Nordican Culture

Valkyrie is so ingrained in Nordican culture that she often debates and always defeats the collectivist-leaning Sion Zona, proving Nordica’s laissez-faire approach is superior to South Nordica’s central planning. But let’s cut Sion a break – the poor kid doesn’t know any different despite the fact he sees through South Nordica’s flaws.

For more evidence regarding Nordica’s superiority, Valkyrie cites the nation’s thriving antebellum economy, the non-existence of the principle of force, and respecting of property rights as three cornerstones to Nordica’s success.

But just like anyone who carries an ethnocentric approach, Valkyrie will hide some of Nordica’s flaws, as no political or economic system comes without them. One of which is that Nordica’s people are so ingrained in their work and current endeavors that they rarely make time for entertainment, even when they could use a break.

This is further shown in Wind Wielder’s thrashball scenes, in which most of the University of Nordica attends, but few who have finished school tune into.

This is the one aspect of Nordican culture Valkyrie does not completely agree with. And Mikko, who couldn’t care less about politics or economics, simply craves such mindless entertainment. And since Nordica never offered it, he led Valkyrie to the one place that did: South Nordica

But Nordicans Party, Right?

Wind Wielder has shown that Nordicans do party. But, the party scene in Wind Wielder contains no college graduates other than the supposed appearance from Col. Instead, the party comprised students from Phoenix Complex celebrating their win over Vana City in the first thrashball game of the season.

So the accurate answer is yes, Nordicans party. But most partying Nordicans are no older than college age. Once they graduate, their partying days are mostly over and they enter the work force in their chosen field.

No Mindless Entertainment?

I wouldn’t go that far. Nordica has its fair share of restaurants and bars. But if you traveled to Nordica, don’t expect to see a bunch of rowdy sports fans or partygoers packing bars until two in the morning.

Nordicans go to the bar, they go out to eat, and yes, they will attend thrashball games, dueling events, and engage in other forms of mindless entertainment. But they do so more as a reward to themselves after achieving a specific milestone. A grand achievement, really.

In Wind Wielder, Sion and Valkyrie come across a campground, and Valkyrie notes that some families spend entire seasons there. However, these families are not always singing campfire songs, telling scary stories, and making s’mores. Oftentimes, they are there to educate their kids, working around and in nature, and if anything else, engaging in something productive.

As for college-aged kids and teens, it is a different story. But mainly, the mindless entertainment is kept to a minimum among most of Nordica’s adult population. That’s why Haukka Etienne, Sion’s thrashball coach, was such a rare breed serving as a drunk before the Elementals of Nordica’s version of Buttermaker returned to the sports scene.

Why Do No Other College Kids Sneak Down South?

Easy. Mikko and Valkyrie are the adopted son and daughter of Col Eriksson. Col orchestrated a network of underground tunnels secluded deep within South Nordica’s, and Nordica’s, wilderness. The twins, bright as ever, stumbled upon these networks long before the events of the series.

But, to cover their tracks and to prevent the secret from getting out, they told no one about them. Even Mikko understood how costly doing so could be.

What To Know About Mikko

Mikko Siskonen is the older and much more careless of the twins. While Valkyrie appreciates the party scene, she does so as more of an unwinding affair from her continuous studies. A political and economical mind at heart, Valkyrie is one of those characters who could work at her craft for hours without fatigue.

However, she also understands the value of a break better than most Nordicans. Mikko, on the other hand, only wants a break. That said, he is also unlike just about every Nordican you will ever meet.

Mikko lives to play thrashball, and that’s about it. Unless someone crosses him, then he isn’t afraid to duel and win, often with ease. Yeah, he performs just well enough academically to remain eligible to play thrashball. But other than that, Mikko Siskonen symbolizes that talented college athlete who wants to play sports, inflict his superiority on others, and party.

Unfortunately, if he wants to party hard, he must travel down south. So once again, Mikko leads the endeavors. Valkyrie just follows and often ends up getting annoyed at her brother’s antics.


Mikko and Valkyrie are adventurous daredevils who find fun in the risk of sneaking into South Nordica. Despite their common interest in finding a good time, Valkyrie does so to unwind while Mikko goes because he would rather live up the hard partying lifestyle. They differ from most of Nordica, who parties at a much lesser degree. However, the other kids do not sneak into South Nordica with the duo because they do not have access to the underground networks.