Minimalist Writing Present in Elementals of Nordica

Minimalist Writing Present in Elementals of Nordica

If you’re a fan of authors who engage in minimalist writing, then odds are you’ll enjoy Elementals of Nordica. As a staunch minimalist, you won’t see stage direction, outlandish detail, or anything related unless it’s necessary to the plot.

How’s that for a spoiler alert?

Yes, if it’s mentioned in the books, it’s important to either the current book or a future book. You won’t see me dive into description regarding characters other than what’s necessary for you to create a picture in your mind. Oh, and if you don’t like my character descriptions, feel free to picture them any way you want.

Sion doesn’t need to have hazel eyes and wavy hair if you don’t want him to. Valkyrie does not need amber eyes and auburn hair. Col doesn’t need an olive skin tone if you picture him otherwise, and so on. So yeah, let your mind create its own photos.

Today’s post will dive into why I chose the minimalist writing style and how it’s present in Elementals of Nordica. If you’re coming across my work for the first time, the following link will lead you to an opportunity to join the Readers Republic and claim and download actual samples of my work.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Why I Chose the Minimalist Writing Style

Initially 14,000 words, minimalist writing placed Chronicles of Rondure at 10,000 words. 

I know that with this genre bending work featuring epic fantasy and science fiction, worldbuilding is necessary. However, it does not mean one needs to go crazy with detail and history. It’s something I learned the hard way all those years ago when I wrote the first drafts of what would become Wind Wielder – Book I in Elementals of Nordica.

Goodness, the backstory “only” comprised the first two chapters. Odds are I had a snoozer on my hands. Fast-forward to November 2017 and I joined the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, which showed me 20 ferocious self-editing techniques. And yes, I am a self-editor, in case you’re wondering. Nothing against professional editing and I highly recommend them if you’re a writer unwilling to do more homework.

I’m just a good editor and an average writer! Thanks to Jerry Jenkins’ Writers Guild, which was the best $400 investment of my life. Since then, I honed my technique and practiced the minimalist style until I perfected it.

So if you’re a reader who loves faster works that take fewer than ten hours to read, Elementals of Nordica is a book you’ll enjoy. Especially if you love genre bending. However, if you’re someone who enjoys in-depth worldbuilding, you’ll probably end up passing. Like all books, mine can only appeal to so many readers! If that’s you, great.

If not, check out my epic action-packed reads section at my review blog, Action-Packed Book Reviews and you will find a few.

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The Minimalist Writing Style in Elementals of Nordica

Wind Wielder
Wind Wielder peaked at 103,000 words. Ferocious self-editing allowed it to sit at 80,000 words. 

Okay, so how does the minimalist writing style show itself in Elementals of Nordica?

You will see dialogue tags only when they’re necessary. When it’s obvious someone’s speaking or I provide a beat, I find no need to use dialogue tags. You’ll also find several distinct voices, which also negate the use of tags. I never use ‘asked,’ even if someone asks a question. It’s often ‘said,’ with a few other tags.

I omit needless words, like ‘that,’ ‘very,’ ‘had,’ and other glue words whose elimination enhances readability. If the sentence makes sense without the words, I omit them.

As mentioned, I minimize stage direction. I also don’t dive into detail regarding physical appearances and I describe just enough for you to gain a picture of the main character. Ditto for the surroundings. In Wind Wielder, I go into depth just once, and it’s only from Sion’s eyes.

I use little if any passive voice. You won’t find ‘was’ or ‘by’ in the same sentence. Further, you will find few comma splices.

As for background information, I tell it through dialogue from characters who know the backstory. You will find two instances of information dumping that I could not avoid in Wind Wielder. But again, the characters draw it out.

You won’t find out what the characters are doing between scenes. When I skip ahead a couple of weeks, there is no backstory to catch you up. Unless the plot needs the backstory to remain relevant, in which I found one scene in the 80,000-word work.

When my characters enter different buildings like stadiums, dorm rooms, and lecture halls, I do not give you details. Most of us know what they look like inside. The only times I describe rooms is when they’re relevant to the plot.

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The Result?

After a few developmental edits, I’m slashing the word count of Wind Master.

Too often in sci-fi and fantasy, I get lost when authors use too much stage direction. Even in fantastic books, the amount of stage direction, info dumping, and other non-minimalist ways inflate the word count and time dedicated to reading these novels. Though I’ve come to love many of these books, my goal is for you to spend fewer than 10 hours reading mine so you can get to other novels in your reading queue.

My overall goal is for each novel to rest between 70,000 and 80,000 words. Ideally, I’d love to see future works hit the less than 70,000 mark for even faster reads. But, I also need to keep the story flowing well, placing characters where they need to be and describing what must be described.

So brace yourself to experience the minimalist approach in my novels and even my free novellas and novelettes, allowing you more time to do what you love: Read.

Thank you for reading today’s post, which shows you yet another trait distinguished in Elementals of Nordica. And there are many more posts like this to come that will help you decide whether my work is right for you.

Thanks again, go Cardinals, and I hope to see you on my Readers Republic Subscription list in the near future!