Top 5 Nods to the Sabres in the Elementals Universe

Elementals Universe: Nods to TC Marti's favorite hockey team

My two favorite sports cities include Phoenix, Arizona and Buffalo, New York. So you will see quite a few nods toward them in the Elementals Universe. 

There is perhaps no better group of sports fans in America than those in Buffalo, New York. So it’s no surprise that in some recent novels in the Elementals Universe, I made several nods to my favorite hockey team, the Buffalo Sabres. Today, I’m taking you through five of those many references.

The Elementals Universe is full of references to Buffalo and Phoenix sports teams. In The Rebellion Awakens, I have several character and location names referencing the Sabres, the City of Buffalo, and even some of my favorite players on the team when I wrote the book. The same holds true in Civil War, and will continue in future novels. 

While I made a plethora of references to the Arizona Cardinals in Elementals of Nordica and the Terrian Chronicles, I want to talk about references to the Buffalo Sabres today. So check out where I placed those references in the content below, and I hope you enjoy them when you read the books! Without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Nods to the Buffalo Sabres in the Elementals Universe

1 – Character Names in Sentrys of Terrene

The Rebellion Awakens by TC Marti

The Rebellion Awakens (Sentrys of Terrene: Book I) has more references to the Sabres than perhaps any other book. We can start with the two protagonists – Sabre Kahne Kjaergaard and Tage Ras-Svendson. Sabre is the given, as I named her after the team, itself.

I named Tage Ras-Svendson after Tage Thompson and Rasmus Dahlin. Tage’s best friend, Tuck Aleksandr, gets his name from Alex Tuch and Aleksandr Kisakov.

I had to use the ‘K’ at the end of the name, however, to avoid giving Tuck a character that I named with the ‘ch’ version in Civil War. 

Tage’s crew comprises Ras, Joki, Vic, and Tuck. Ras is another nod to Dahlin, while Joki’s name stems from Henri Jokiharju. Finally, Vic is named for Victor Olofsson.

Tage’s love interest, Lark Hasek Fodor, is named after three people, but her middle name, Hasek, stems from Dominik Hasek, arguably the best goaltender in team history.

Finally, Jean Ricard is a reference to the legendary Rick Jeanneret, who served as the Sabres voice for 50 seasons. We also have a brigade called the Goatheads, which refers to the Sabres goathead jerseys.

2 – Tommers and Tuch from Civil War

Let’s shift gears and talk about Civil War (Chronicles of Rondure: Book 1). This is a book I wrote in Phase I of the Renegades Epic, and there are two characters named Tommers and Tuch. They each get their name from Tage Thompson and Alex Tuch, so yes, there are several references to two of arguably the most popular Sabres as of January 2023.

Tommers and Tuch were cameo characters in the work, but they could see an expanded role in BattleFrontand other successive works. Also keep in mind that the Elementals Universe is a shared universe, so they can even appear in other series.

3 – The Insurrexxion’s Flag In Civil War

Wind Ruler may be Book IV in Elementals of Nordica, but it was the first time I referenced the Sabres in the series. Sion Zona and Company see the flag early in the book, but it actually appeared toward the end of Civil War. This flag has a blue field, featuring a horned deity and two crossing swords under it.

I always pictured the deity itself reminiscent of the goathead on the Sabres throwbacks. This is a flag you will see in future Chronicles of Rondure books, plus the Elementals of Nordica Five Worlds Trilogy. 

As for the Insurexxion’s name and spelling, I took it from CXD, which appeared in one of my favorite dystopian thrillers, The Resistance Series by Tracy Lawson. A book series that I recommend to everyone who loves young/new adult dystopian fiction.

4 – Truck Drivers Dressed in Red and Black in The Rebellion Awakens

There is a crossing the first threshold scene from The Rebellion Awakens, where Sabre meets the underground resistance to the Vranom Empire for the first time. She notices that the truck drivers wear red and black cloaks, as opposed to others, who wear varying shades of blue.

Red and black served as the Sabres primary color scheme from 1996-97 until 2005-06, before they reverted back to a neo-traditional blue and gold look. Red and black made its return, however, in 2022-23, serving as an alternate uniform.

5 – The Insurgency’s Color Scheme

The Insurgency and the Insurrexxion are more alike than you may think. While the latter is the primary resistance group in Civil War, the former takes centerstage in The Rebellion Awakens. We already covered that the Insurrexxion’s color scheme is blue and gold, and the same holds true for the Insurgency.

This differs from the Nordican scheme in Elementals of Nordicawhere their burgundy and gold colors are a nod to Arizona State University. Odds are, Nordica probably would have gotten blue and gold too, but I had a tough time finding a believable scheme for the Tamurian Empire (from a division rival).

Ironically enough, I ended up using the Boston Bruins color scheme in The Rebellion Awakens, but even that took some convincing. So instead of improvising in Elementals of Nordica, I instead made a quick nod to the Arizona-Arizona State Rivalry.

More Buffalo Sabres References to Come in the Elementals Universe

There are four characters, one in each of my series, that boast similar personalities and looks. Those characters are:

  1. Sion Zona – Elementals of Nordica
  2. Rokko Streets – Chronicles of Rondure
  3. Braden Hawk – Terrian Chronicles
  4. Tage Ras-Svendson – Sentrys of Terrene 

These are characters based primarily on myself, but at different ages. Eventually, all four will cross paths and they will probably get a French Connection type of nickname. So yeah, spoiler alert there, but as for all the other characters in each respective series, I regret to inform you that it is fair game.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little revelation on the Elementals Universe. And if you read any of my books, please leave an honest rating or review on the online store from which you purchased. The more I get, the more they will help readers like you decide whether they are a good fit for others.