The Readers Republic Plus Spring and Summertime Promotions

Hello, Readers Republic!

Readers Republic

Okay, if you haven’t actually joined the Republic yet, you can do so at the following link. Just click through, download Chronicles of the Elementals for free, and boom, you’re part of TC Marti’s Readers Republic. If you’re looking for perks, behind-the-scenes access, and even promotions with some of my author friends, it’s worth joining.

Oh, and did I mention that if you write and tell me that you loved Chronicles of the Elementals, I’ll even give a few of you access to an ARC of Wind Wielder? Yes, you can gain early access to Wind Wielder before its release in January 2022. I know, it’s a long way off, which is why I’m offering ARCs to those who loved Chronicles of the Elementals.

Because the waiting game blows, right?

Oh, and did I mention that I plan on rapid-publishing Wind Master and Wind Keeper, Books II and III in the series? Yeah, you can also become a beta-reader and receive ARCs for them, too. That said, you can become part of my inner-circle that I call the Readers Republic Insiders. Actually, I’ve given them a few different names, but you got the gist.

Anyway, today I want to talk to you all about my spring and summertime joint promos, because I have a lot of them coming your way. If you’re interested in discovering new authors with works similar to my own, just check the sidebar if you’re on a desk or laptop. If you’re on mobile, scroll to the bottom of the post.


About the Spring and Summertime Promos

Chronicles of the Elementals

Since I’m still a newbie to this entire indie author thing, I’m still working hard to build the Republic. So I’ve taken the time to join forces with other like-minded authors whose works fall into the same genre-bending mentality that Chronicles of the Elementals and Wind Wielder fall into.

Their works touch into fantasy, but they also cross over into other genres or sub-genres of fantasy. For example, Wind Wielder and my entire Elementals of Nordica Series carries epic fantasy tropes, set in a contemporary society that touches into sword and sorcery and even flirts with science fiction.

So those are works that you can expect from other authors in the promotions that I share. Each promo also comes from reputable sites like Prolific Works, StoryOrigin, and Book Funnel. I’ve organized a few of these promos myself, all of which will feature the genre-bending that I discussed earlier.

Throughout today’s post, you will see links to the various promotions that are ongoing. Follow this blog by joining my Readers Republic, where I will link all of my weekly blog posts, and you will receive access to each promotion that I become part of. I’ll share the banner of each toward the end of each email, plus premium spots for authors that I engage in cross promotions with.


About the Readers Republic

Okay, so getting a copy of Chronicles of the Elementals plus the first four chapters of Wind Wielder followed by a Cast of Characters and Elementals Cheat Sheet is good and all. But what other perks can you get from joining the Readers Republic?

As mentioned in the intro, you can always become an insider. Just join the mailing list and reply to any email that I send informing me of your interest, and you’re in. But hurry, because I only open the offer periodically. About 50 readers per year, unless I make a few exceptions depending on the ratio to actual number of subscribers.

You’ll also get additional entries into any giveaway that I host. So if you want to increase those odds at getting that new Kindle and I’m hosting a December-themed promotion, your name within my database will give you a few entries without you ever needing to share the link to the giveaway.

Oh, and if I’m running discounts on any of my books, you will be the first to know. Or better yet, I love getting to know readers and their preferences. So I’m always looking for you to tell me about your favorite authors and books in the fantasy genre. And yes, I do reach out to those authors if I get a few common denominators. And who knows, they may just clue me on their own deep discounted promos which I will share with you.

And finally, since my plots are so, so, so complex, you’ll get a few more perks to the deal here. For one, after each book starting between Books II and III, I’ll release interquel works that only the Readers Republic will gain access to. So if you loved Book II, Wind Master (set to be released in February 2022), you’ll gain access to the interquel between it and Book III, Wind Keeper (March 2022).

Plus, you’ll get sample chapters of other upcoming works in both Elementals of Nordica and future series within the same universe that I come out with. And yes, I have at least two related series in my memory’s file. So you’re getting a lot of exciting perks here. And the longer you remain a member of the Readers Republic, the sweeter those perks get.

And best yet, it costs nothing more than a mailing address. So sign up to become a member of the Readers Republic today.


Stay Tuned for More…

Alright, so I hope you joined the Readers Republic. And if you know anyone else who engages in reading or writing genre-bending fantasy, send them my way so they can join my mailing list. In the near future, I won’t just be talking up my own work, but identical works of other authors in both my newsletter and this website.

And who knows?

You may just see a few familiar names grace one of my future blog posts. Especially if they’re authors whose work I already reviewed on my review blog, Action-Packed Book Reviews. If you have yet to check it out, do so to check out a few genre-bending works.