The Renegades Epic: Phase One Descriptions and Buy Links

The Renegades Epic: Phase I

If you’re reading this article, you have access to six science fantasy books in the Renegades Epic: Phase One of the Elementals Universe. In the Epic, you will find the first three books in Elementals of Nordica, which mainly take place in the World of Eidolon.

You will also come across Book I in the Chronicles of Rondure Series entitled Civil War, and Tarja Titan, the first book in the Terrian Chronicles. The latter of which take place here on Earth. Finally, Liza Fury: Catch 22 wraps up the Renegades Epic: Phase I. 

If you’d like a perma freebie for all three of the above series, make sure you join the Readers Republic, where at the time of this writing, I have released three prequels for each series we explore in Phase I. Ready to discover what the Epic is all about? Keep reading for more.


Renegades Epic: Phase One, Book I: Wind Wielder/Elementals of Nordica

Wind Wielder: Elementals of Nordica, Book I

A secret censored throughout the modern age…

…A cataclysmic riot leaves the fate of the world hanging by a thread

There are a lot of things Wind Wielder Sion Zona wished he had taken seriously. But the following facts he neglected display his sheer ignorance.

One, an ancient tribe within his Elemental race wiped from the pages of time still exists.

Two, Sion and a band of eight other Elementals are the final descendants from that ancient tribe and hold the key to preventing the masses from falling victim to a one-world government foretold in a banned set of ancient texts.

Three, the global superpower wants nothing more than to destroy Sion and the others before they discover their importance to humanity.

So yeah, there’s no pressure in taking on a raging dictatorship.

Wind Wielder is Book I in Elementals of Nordica, an exciting epic fantasy series set in a modern society. If you are a fan of elemental magic, complex plots, and sword and sorcery with a contemporary twist, Wind Wielder is a MUST READ.

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Book II: Wind Master/Elementals of Nordica

Wind Master: Elementals of Nordica, Book II

Welcome to the Five Worlds…

…Where notorious global superpowers have full control

Sion Zona narrowly escaped Tamuria’s wrath. But the empire has taken some of the brewing war’s most important elementals prisoner. Sion was told Tamuria’s prisons were unplottable. What he didn’t realize was that unplottable indicated different worlds.

And each prison within those worlds belongs to their respective global superpowers.

Fighting one superpower was hard enough, and it didn’t end well for Sion. Fighting multiple superpowers singlehandedly to rescue those allies is a death sentence. So unless he learns a thing or two about his evolving gifts, not everyone will survive the encounter.

Wind Master is Book II in Elementals of Nordica, an exciting epic fantasy fused with science fiction. If you love elemental magic, genre-bending, complex plots, and sword and sorcery with a contemporary twist, Wind Master is a MUST READ.


Book III: Tarja Titan/Terrian Chronicles

Tarja Titan
Tarja Titan has many similarities to Harry Potter.

Abused and neglected for nearly a decade, Tarja Titan always longed for a home…

…But what she didn’t anticipate was the reception she’d receive upon her return to a world she thought only existed in fiction

For starters, everyone in Elemental Society knows her name. Even if she has no recollection as to why. For another, she’s going to a university to hone a rare supernatural ability, or abilities, she’s never heard of.

Everywhere Tarja goes and everyone she speaks to, new secrets emerge. Like the fact she was murdered as a child and somehow here she is, as alive and well as her new classmates.

And this school has more secrets than Tarja could imagine. It has hidden rooms, corridors, and yeah, resident spirits love hanging out here. And they’re not shy about sharing a few stories. Even if her newly-discovered godbrother is.

Tarja Titan is Book I in both the Tarja Titan Series and the Terrian Chronicles, and Book III in the Renegades Epic. It is the first work in the Elementals Universe to take place on Earth. And READER DISCRETION ADVISED: As you can see from the description, we’re dealing with a darker twist on fantasy than what Elementals of Nordica offers.

If you like strong heroines, elemental magic, complex plots, and young adult fiction, or better yet YA+, given the more mature subject matter, you will fall in love with Tarja Titan.

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Book IV: Wind Keeper/Elementals of Nordica

Wind Keeper: Elementals of Nordica: Book III

Sion Zona thought he at least had a sense of security in Nordica…

…Until realization strikes that he is nothing more than a pawn in yet another game

He could’ve seen Tamuria playing this game. But Nordica? Sion spent the last year believing that Nordica was the Land of Elementals. A place where elementals could freely practice their ability on their own terms, unlike the perpetual restrictions Tamuria set.

Now that the truth’s out in the open, it’s clear the Nordicans were only using their elementals for their own, selfish gain.

Then again, not everything out there meets the eye. Was using elementals and Elemental Masters really Nordica’s ulterior motive? Or is someone or something more sinister pulling Nordica’s strings?

And if that’s the case, every single elemental in the World of Eidolon is in danger. War has ravaged the region. Death is everywhere. And now, Sion must deal with not just an external enemy, but numerous internal enemies.


Book V: Civil War/Chronicles of Rondure

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War

I was Culled at age five into the Bastille Military, the World of Rondure’s superpower…

…Having lived on-base for thirteen years, military life taught me two things: Mastery of the Smoke Element and to never apologize about using it on enemies

Now that I’m awaiting a sure death sentence for the crime of exposing Bastille’s true crimes, they’ve left me with no choice. When they try to extradite me, I will call upon my Sword of Smoke and escape this predicament, using every combat technique they taught me against them.

Then, I’ll take it upon myself to finish a mission I started years ago; to unplug the People of Bastille and let them know who the real enemy is: their home nation and its Capital City of Paramount.

As I go rogue, every authority figure with money, power, and influence in the Bastille Empire will want me dead. Thanks to them, I’m one of the most powerful Smoke Masters in the World of Rondure. And I’m ready to break the spell the people of my nation have lived under for over a century.

Civil War is yet another installment that features a strong heroine. Mina, who you meet in my Chronicles of Rondure reader magnet takes center stage in this one. Once again, we’re back into epic fantasy bending into science fiction with dystopian and thriller elements, non-stop kinetic action, and stakes so high that Mina’s success or failure will set forth the fate of Rondure forever.

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Liza Fury: Catch 22

Liza Fury: Catch 22

My Wind Wielding cousin broke out of prison, killed my parents, and kidnapped my sister…

…Then she beat me to within an inch of my life and gave me twenty-two days to rescue Stef

The expert tracker he is, my brother offered to take my spot. But the notorious Intrepid Party caught up and arrested him on false charges.

No one, not my best friend’s crimefighting father or my love interest’s savvy brother has the slightest clue of Stef’s whereabouts. My brother didn’t fill them in.

But they know where he was last seen. In a vast, underground city that remained hidden for nearly a century. It’s a lead, but nothing more than a starting point.

And it’s a place where the same people who arrested my brother wait for me and my two best friends. To throw us in jail as retaliation because neither my brother nor my best friends’ families conform to their politics.

So yeah, one enemy wants me dead. Another enemy wants me to rot in a prison cell. Never in my seventeen years did I believe I’d play the deadliest game of Catch 22 in human history.

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Phases in the Renegades Epic

The Renegades Epics are nothing more than groups of stories set in the overarching Elementals Universe. Think of them sort of like the Marvel Cinematics Movies in which the franchise underwent phases during the Infinity Saga, in which they have now reached the Post-Infinity Saga.

That said, don’t be surprised when you see the protagonists from all the books listed above coming together in books called The Renegades, which would provide an Avengers-like tone, but with epic fantasy, science fiction, elemental magic, and sword and sorcery tropes.

Sound like a winner?

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