Coming August 2024

Sabre Kjaergaard and her gang’s victory celebration couldn’t have been more short-lived…

…And the always-sinister Venn Order is out to collect them with the help of a few more notorious factions

Sabre is still reeling from all the lies that have piled up following her less-than-ideal Maalivahti training. But she doesn’t know the extent of the lies everyone has thrown at her. Yet when she’s on the cusp of uncovering the truth about more than just her own past, Sabre is about to learn that these lies from friends and foes alike are just a few of her more minor problems.

With her best friend captured behind enemy lines, Sabre must lead a daring mission to rescue them; one that will test her physically, psychologically, and most importantly, spiritually. If Sabre accomplishes her mission, the World of Terrene will live to fight another day. But if she fails, Sabre will fall to the Venn Order’s temptation and shed her identity as Sabre Kjaergaard forever, dooming her home world.

Rise of the Sentrys is the third and final installment in the Sentrys of Terrene Trilogy, whose plot elements entwine in TC Marti’s shared universe, the Renegades Epic, which also comprises Elementals of Nordica and Terrian Chronicles. If you love dystopian fantasy, elemental magic, and intriguing plot lines where Avatar: The Last Airbender meets George Lucas, Rise of the Sentrys and the entire Sentrys of Terrene Trilogy is what you’re looking for.