Did Rokko Streets Contradict Himself in Civil War?

Civil War is Book I in the Chronicles of Rondure Series

In Civil War, Rokko Streets claimed Messiah was too powerful for any of the residents of City 501 to duel. Then he seemingly contradicted himself. 

Rokko Streets told Civil War (Chronicles of Rondure: Book I) protagonist Mina Hirai that no one from City 501 was powerful enough to take on Messiah, the notorious leader of The Colony who called all the shots. However, just a few lines later, he told Mina that if she could find a way out of The Colony with the One, then Messiah would not stand a chance against the Bastille Peacemakers tasked with keeping Messiah inside The Colony or against any incoming soldier from 501.

Contradictory moment? Not so much, really. Rokko and those in the Insurrexxion realized that they could not risk the One dying on their watch. Meaning that, while an attack from City 501 could have kicked off the civil war between Bastille and the Insurrexxion, doing so would have put the One at risk.

So before 501 and the Insurrexxion launched their initial attack against Bastille, and by extension, Messiah, someone had to covertly enter The Colony, rescue the One, and scurry them toward safety BEFORE an attack would take place. This would help ensure the One survived and was long gone before Messiah, arguably the most powerful Water Master in the World of Rondure, knew what was happening.

Rokko Streets played the situational game regarding Messiah in Civil War

No one in City 501 had the power to break into The Colony, let alone take on Messiah if they were caught in the act. He had too many Sons and Daughters surrounding His compound, meaning either someone sentenced to or possessed the power and means to enter The Colony had the best chance of evading Messiah and His Sons and Daughters.

Mina, as a wanted member of the Insurrexxion, had that power and the means to enter The Colony through a Peacemaker that belonged to the Insurrexxion. This guaranteed two things:

  1. Mina could enter the prison’s perimeter and even their walls disguised as a Peacemaker herself, before shedding the Peacemaker garb and blending in with the prisoners.
  2. City 501 could remain concealed from Bastille.

Mina Could Set a Chain of Events in Motion

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War

While it is true that Mina did not match Messiah in power, just like the residents of City 501, her sheer connections gave her better odds of survival. And while Messiah could overpower just about anyone, he could not overpower two armies looking to kill him if he attempted a prison escape.

Therefore, Messiah and His army of Sons and Daughters would stand no chance if Mina succeeded in her mission of escaping with the One. At this point, residents of 501 would reveal themselves and attack The Colony, where many imprisoned members of the Insurrexxion were held.

This would prompt Bastille to fire back, which would further prompt Messiah into finally making a bid for freedom He had long sought. But given this scenario, Bastille and 501 would have realized they had a common enemy in Messiah, and would have targeted Him, His Sons, and His Daughters. This would have gotten rid of Messiah while Bastille would then be able to deal with 501 and the Insurrexxion.

Zero Contradictions

So while it may sound to some readers that Rokko contradicted himself when Mina asked why no one from 501 could carry out the mission, Rokko was merely pointing out the Mina had much better odds to survive such a dangerous mission than anyone else in Bastille, including those from 501. But Messiah, powerful as He is, could not survive an onslaught that would surely come courtesy of 501, Bastille, and even the imprisoned Insurrexxion members.

Civil War is one of those books that requires close attention to detail. While it seems like a few things could be misleading, carefully looking at the elements surrounding Mina’s story will provide clarity on what some characters are talking about.

This is the case regarding Rokko’s conversation with Mina when she’s imprisoned in Paramount, Bastille during the book’s early stages. It’s also a case where things slowly emerge as we discover more about Messiah, Bastille, and the Insurrexxion.

Civil War: Book I in a Four-Part Series

Civil War is the first book in the four-part Chronicles of Rondure Series, a dystopian military science fantasy filled with intense battle scenes. If you are into elemental magic, old world tropes and magical systems set within an advanced society, this is a book to check out.

It’s also part of the shared Elementals Universe, and is also Book IV in the Renegades Epic, following Wind Wielder, Wind Master, and Tarja Titan, though you can interchange it with the latter, as the two books take place at roughly the same time.

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