The Rebellion Awakens

Sentrys of Terrene Book I: The Rebellion Awakens


An Insurgent strike from underground bases won the rebellion’s first victory against Vranom Imperials. 

During the battle, Insurgent spies intercepted plans regarding the Imperials’ superweapon, the Fusion Bomb, constructed with Source energy with enough power to wipe out an entire landmass. 

Pursued by Imperial Rangers, Insurgent Commander Tage-Ras Svendson races toward his rebellion’s stronghold with the stolen plans to free the World of Terrene’s remnants from their Vranom overlords.

Meanwhile, in Vranom’s capital city of Sunrise, two drifters stumble across a mysterious Earth Sentry who holds the key to restoring peace and justice to the Lost World.

The Rebellion Awakens is Book I in the military science fantasy Sentrys of Terrene Series. If you like Star Wars with a touch of Avatar: The Last Airbender, this is the series for you. Join Tage-Ras Svendson, Sabre Kjaergaard, and Ren Elk-Jaer as they battle the People’s Republic of Vranom and expose the global superpower’s lies regarding the extinct Sentry Order. 

★★★★★ “TC Marti writes a intense, post-apocalyptic tale with The Rebellion Awakens,” – Amy Shannon, Reviewer

★★★★★ “The Rebellion Awakens has quite a few twists that will keep the pages turning. Once I picked it up I was hooked from that first page.” – Nancy Allen, Vine Voice

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