The Rebellion Awakens

Sentrys of Terrene Book I: The Rebellion Awakens

Defy the darkness…

…and ignite the rebellion

In the high-stakes post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy The Rebellion Awakens, a world drowning in tyranny and revolution unfolds through the eyes of Tage Ras-Svendson and Sabre Kjaergaard, two young rebels bound by destiny but separated by secrets.

Tage, gifted with the rare ability to manipulate wood, leads a daring assault on a secretive laboratory in the desolate Fenix Desert. His mission: To thwart the totalitarian regime of Vranom by capturing crucial data that could turn the tide in a simmering insurgent war. However, the shadows of his past, including a complex relationship with his father, now a formidable enemy, threaten to undermine his quest.

Parallel to Tage’s rebellion, Sabre Kjaergaard’s seemingly mundane life in Sunrise, Vranom unravels when she discovers her latent Sentry abilities, forbidden powers that the authoritarian government seeks to control or destroy. As Sabre navigates the treacherous waters of compliance and dissent, her journey becomes a quest for truth, leading her to question everything she has been taught about her society and herself.

The Rebellion Awakens is a tale of courage and resistance against overwhelming odds, exploring themes of liberty, identity, and the power of truth. Join Tage and Sabre as they fight for a future where hope can flourish. This novel will grip you from the first page to the last—perfect for fans of dystopian fiction laden with science fiction and fantasy elements looking for their next unforgettable adventure.

Will they change the course of history or become footnotes in its cruel design? The rebellion is awakening, and with it, the chance for a new dawn.

★★★★★ “TC Marti writes a intense, post-apocalyptic tale with The Rebellion Awakens,” – Amy Shannon, Reviewer

★★★★★ “The Rebellion Awakens has quite a few twists that will keep the pages turning. Once I picked it up I was hooked from that first page.” – Nancy Allen, Vine Voice

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