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short stories, novellas, novelettes

Are you interested in grabbing a few free short stories, novelettes, and novellas? If so, you can always join my Readers Republic, where I love providing readers with a few freebie samples of my work so they can determine whether it’s for them.

There are a few ways that you can download your free stories. One way is to click the above link and sign up, which is the fastest way. Another is to join any giveaway that I have going on at the moment. So if you’re not ready to join the Republic and download your free works, you can join any giveaway of mine that you’d like without ever subscribing to my mailing list.

However, every free story that I write is featured toward the end of each giveaway. So for example, if I have three free stories for my Readers Republic (those who have already subscribed), you too will gain access to each story at the end of each giveaway if you do decide to join the Republic.

Also, following each giveaway you’ll find even more free stories or cheat sheets that depict some of my reading audience’s favorite characters, magical systems, and other tidbits in the Elementals Universe.

Today’s post will tell you a bit about my short stories, novellas, novelettes, and it will even give you insight into my giveaways, and when you can expect them.


Keep reading for more details.


When and What Are These Giveaways?

I conduct a variety of giveaways throughout the year, often one per season (spring, summer, fall, winter). I like to make things a little interesting and raise the stakes. For example, for my latest upcoming giveaway, I made a deal with the Republic – and anyone else willing to join the giveaway – regarding what I would hand out dictated by the results of the NBA Finals.

If the Phoenix Suns won the Finals, I’d give away a Kindle Paperwhite. If the Milwaukee Bucks won AND Giannis won the MVP Award, I’d still give out the Paperwhite. Or, if the Bucks won and someone else won MVP, I’d give away a bundle of hardback books. The Bucks won, and Giannis took the MVP, so for this particular giveaway, I’m putting the Paperwhite up for grabs.

Now, you won’t always find a Paperwhite on the block. However, it’s always going to be something of worth that’s related either to reading itself or the genre in which I write. Some authors do gift cards and money. I don’t, since I’m unfortunately not running a casino here. But if I was, there’d be cash giveaways each week!

I also choose something smaller for second and third place winners. No, it won’t be a Paperwhite. But you can still expect something of worth here.


How Many Winners in the Giveaways?

We’ll only see one grand-prize winner, plus at least a second and third-place finisher. In time, you may even see a fourth, fifth, and even ten winners. The more giveaways I conduct quarterly, the more winners I will have. Plus the prizes may even grow from just one eReader device to multiple.

However, as I say time and again, anyone who takes part in a giveaway has a chance to at least win something. Even if there are 20,000 readers looking to win the Kindles or other grand prizes. As mentioned, I love giving away short stories, novellas, and novelettes so readers can take an even closer look into the Elementals Universe. So at the end of each giveaway, you can sign up for the Readers Republic to gain access to the latest free story and all the others before it.

What kind of free stories can you expect?


Chronicles of the Elementals: Novella

Chronicles of the Elementals

This one takes place before the events of Wind Wielder and it explains how Sion Zona and Rajae Worthy ended up in their respective predicaments. You’ll also experience the action-packed battle described but not seen in Wind Wielder depicting Valkyrie and Mikko Siskonen.

You’ll also gain insight on Supreme Leader of the South Nordican Colonies Tukka Worthy and his mentality behind one of the most notorious incidents in his colony – note the South Nordican Colonies and Colony are interchangeable phrases.

You will meet a few more recurring and main cast members including Col Eriksson, Corra Eriksson, Lord Cirian, and Roku Must-Roosa.

With Chronicles of the Elementals, you’ll also get a few more bonuses such as the first ten percent of Wind Wielder, and a character and elemental cheat sheet.

Chronicles of the Elementals is perfect if you love epic fantasy tropes and magical systems like elemental magic and sword and sorcery. However, it’s set in a modern-day universe a little more advanced than our own, so think of it as a high/epic fantasy bent into science fiction.

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Chronicles of Rondure: A Short Story/Novelette

Chronicles of Rondure
Chronicles of Rondure is my shortest work, at 10,000 words.

You got your short stories, you got your novelettes, and Chronicles of Rondure falls somewhere in between. I like to consider this one to be a prequel to Book II in Elementals of Nordica – Wind Master, when we meet Tash Holmes.

This one explains how Tash managed to hide her powers from the elitists who run the World of Rondure’s global superpower, the Nation of Bastille. It’s really an empire, but unlike Tamuria, which colonizes, Bastille tends to let citizens of opposing nations live under their own banner. So long as they control their political and economical affairs.

That said, in order to spread their regime-change mentality, Bastille constantly needs an enemy to fight, and they constantly (excuse the echo) need to reign supreme as the military superpower.

How do they do this?

They Cull children at the first display of elemental ability. The second a parent or guardian catches their kid wielding an element, they’re forced by law to notify the proper authorities and during the monthly Culling, will extradite the children from society, where they’re trained to become ruthless fighters.

Bastille also uses fear-mongering tactics onto its population regarding the next threat to their national security. And throughout the decades, scared citizens have willingly given up their civil liberties for safety. Thing is, a few of Tash’s friends who were Culled earlier in life refused to succumb to Bastille’s brainwashing.

Tash is the only elemental known to have hidden her powers from Bastille, meaning she’s the only one capable of carrying out her friends’ wishes to expose to the public that Bastille’s “safety restrictions” were never about safety, but power and control.

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Braden Hawk: Terrian Chronicles Prequel

Following the July-October giveaway, Braden Hawk will be my first story offered to everyone who took part in the giveaway. So if you’re reading this post after Halloween 2021, you can access the story by joining my Readers Republic. After a few days, you’ll see the Terrian Chronicles Prequel delivered straight to your inbox after you gain access to Chronicles of the Elementals and Chronicles of Rondure.

Braden Hawk is arguably my favorite prequel of the three, and the Terrian Chronicles is by far my favorite series that I’m working on, even if it will be a minute before I release anything. It’s also part of the Elementals Universe, so don’t be surprised if you see characters from the aforementioned works appear here, as I’m one of those authors who digs the characters appearing in other series’ kind of thing.

Anyway, the Terrian Chronicles is basically a retelling of Harry Potter, but with a plethora of differences. For one, you’re getting several series within the series, so Braden is just one of a few central characters with their own series in the Terrian Chronicles. Also, Braden is not the “Harry Potter” of the series, even if the most evil elemental out there did kill his parents – it happened when he was 21.

Instead, Braden’s more of the Sirius Black/Severus Snape of the series. Yeah, I entwined the two rivals from Rowling’s classic because you know, they were among my favorite characters and they’re much more alike than either would lead you to believe.

But I also took inspiration from a few more places, including Avatar: The Last Airbender (hence elemental magic), World of the Gateway, Windhaven Witches, and Marvel Cinematics (hence the multiple central characters within an overarching storyline).

If you like overly complex plots, overlapping storylines, blatant inspiration from some of the most famous books, television, and movie franchises out there, along with other stories I’ve been lucky enough to come across, the Terrian Chronicles is for you. And it all begins at the end of the giveaway with the Braden Hawk prequel.

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More Short Stories on the Way

You’re getting a plethora of short stories and other freebie magnets on the way. As mentioned, as long as you’re in the Readers Republic, you’ll get each of my free works within a welcome sequence that I already have released, and a new freebie following each giveaway. Also, be on the lookout for freebie interquels, which I’ll release to those in the Republic following each book within the series except for Wind Wielder since Chronicles of Rondure is basically the interquel for it, while also serving as the prequel to Wind Master, as mentioned above.

Expect more when you join the Republic, and once again if you have not yet joined, click the following link and receive your free stories.