Spirit Summoner

The Cymraeg Tales: Book 0

They narrowly escaped capture…

…But they’re not out of the woods yet

Caer Cymraeg was only trying to avoid an arranged marriage to Tamuria’s princess, not get tangled up with an untouchable.

But now the prince is on the run with the mysterious Spirit Summoner Mali LaSalle, hoping to reach his home nation’s border before one of the powerful Elemental Masters in service to the king catches up to them.

If they’re caught, Mali will be killed—or worse—and Caer’s marriage will occur on the spot. With danger lurking at every turn, will they make it before it’s too late?

Spirit Summoner is a 22,000-word epic fantasy novella depicting Prince Caer Cymraeg’s and Mali LaSalle’s first day on the run from the Tamurian Empire. Can they reach the Nation of Cymraeg’s border? Or will the wayward Tamurian King Magnu’s army, or something more sinister, catch them?

★★★★★ “Spirit Summoner is packed with action from the first page to the last. You will be racing to the end to see how it all connects.” – Nancy, Vine Voice

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