Storyverse is the Best Way to Define the Elementals Universe

Catch the Next Great Storyverse

Are you looking for the next great storyverse? Check out the Elementals Universe, and you may just find it. While I’m sure my work will never reach the likes of Harry Potter or Star Wars, the storyverse in which I’ve placed the Elementals Universe will pique your interest if you’re interested in some fresh genre-bending.

Genre-bending how?

How do epic fantasy tropes and magical systems within 21st-century societies sound?

Sound good?

Great! Keep reading.

If not, I’m sorry you feel that way, but thanks for checking out my blog, anyway!


Join the Readers Republic for an Inside Look at this Storyverse

For one, I’m not just writing a bunch of books in a bunch of different series and posting them to Amazon.

Far from it.

If you end up joining the Readers Republic, you’ll discover first-hand just how much more bonus content you’re receiving as opposed to just full-length novels and freebie interquels, novelettes, and novellas.

Yeah, you’re getting bonus information regarding characters, elementals, and entire worlds within the Elementals Universe, so the full-length novels are just one slice of a larger pie here. In fact, they’re about all I charge money for when you’re a member of the Republic.

Yeah, so you’re getting those interquels, novelettes, novellas, and bonus content I mentioned earlier for free. That’s a lot of free stories. And again, just click the link above and join the Republic for not one, but two free novellas, which take place in different worlds in the Elementals Universe.

So what does this Elementals Storyverse comprise?

Keep reading for more information.

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The Elementals Universe’s Storyverse

Chronicles of Rondure
Chronicles of Rondure sets the stage for a future series in the Elementals Universe.

Okay, for one, you’re getting tons of different elements here. For example, each of the Five Worlds will end up with its own series – Eidolon, Rondure, Catenary, Terra, and Terrene. Each world has fallen under attack by dark forces, and it’s up to a small (or large) crew in each to combat them. Or better yet, expect to see characters from one series appear in others, and vice versa. Yeah, if you’re into that kind of stuff, expect it and do so often.

So how did this storyverse even come into existence?

I’ll be honest, I was only set on writing one series only. No bonus content, a reader magnet here or there, and hoping to eventually earn a full-time living on my writing.

Then come 2019, I watched Marvel Cinematics for the first time, and the idea sort of hatched. It wasn’t really until the lockdowns in 2020 where I sat down and really mapped this baby out. Things just sort of expanded from there, especially after the first drafts of Wind Wielder, Wind Master, and Wind Keeper.

So now, I practically have a series outlined in three of the Five Worlds, with two more on deck. As far as Elementals of Nordica, you’ll find the primary setting in the World of Eidolon. My second reader magnet, Chronicles of Rondure, opens things up to the World of Rondure for a future series that takes place there.

My main event, however, will take place in Terra, where I have over a dozen books planned. And yes, you’re getting free stories before, after, and in between novels in the World of Terra. And of course, we cannot forget about Terrene or Catenary.

So expect a lot, and I mean a lot of content here. If you’re one who just can’t stand it when a series ends and authors write a different series outside the universe you’ve come to know and love, don’t sweat. Because every single work I ever write will take place in the Five Worlds. If they don’t, you’ll never know because they’ll be under a pen name and a different blog.

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Magical Sytems in the Elementals Storyverse

Wind Wielder
Wind Wielder, Book I in the Elementals Universe, provides hints on the magical systems’ origins.

And best yet, the magical systems never change from series to series. What you find in the World of Eidolon is similar to that found on Rondure, at least from a magical standpoint. Ditto for Terra, Catenary, and Terrene.

You’re getting elemental magic, so if you’re a fan of say, Avatar: The Last Airbender, you can think of a solid comp. But again, also think modern-day society. But despite the modern society, sword and sorcery is also a huge thing, along with paranormal aspects, plus a long and winding history that, when you piece each work in each series together, will lead you to what I call the Source of this magical system.

And it’s quite a long and mythical ride, let me tell you. If you’ve ever seen the TV Series Lost, it’s sort of where I got the idea. Yeah, long, somewhat confusing, and complex is the best way to describe the birth of the elemental magical system.

But you will not need to wait long to at least discover a few aspects of these systems, as Wind Wielder – Book I in the Elementals of Nordica Series slated for a January 2022 release date will give you plenty of preliminary information. Mainly through a set of Texts the World of Eidolon’s global power has long since banned.

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What Else Should You Expect?

I got all kinds of good stuff planned for this storyverse if you join the Readers Republic. For one, you can expect cheat sheets within all those free works I plan on sending your way that will hype you up for my full-length novels. Again, the novels are the only pieces of content I charge for – and no, you won’t get the full story without them – mainly because of the amount of time that I put into writing, editing, proofreading, listening to beta-readers pan earlier drafts, and so on.

I’d love to even create quizzes later on that will reveal which character you’re most like in the Elementals Universe, which element your personality best corresponds with, your position in thrashball (it’s a co-ed sport), and so much more. Yeah, so you’re only getting the tip of the iceberg when you sign up for the Readers Republic for access to Chronicles of the Elementals, and three days later, Chronicles of Rondure.

Oh, and did I mention that I reveal the password to my behind-the-scenes bonuses in the welcome email when you sign up for the Republic?

Yes, it pays to be a member, and that’s a guarantee.

Not sure what a storyverse is? Check Out its Definition at Urban Dictionary!


Coming Up

I’m touching on a lot of things in the coming days and weeks as they pertain to the Elementals Universe. For one, when you join the Readers Republic, each week I’ll unlock a new character profile in my weekly campaigns which take place every MONDAY.

But on this blog, I’ll discuss fun things like authors, books, and book series that inspired Elementals of Nordica, why I decided to genre-bend, – I know some readers really like genre-bending while others despise it – and what motivated me to include a fictional sport in my work. Yeah, my inner-J.K. Rowling. But thrashball is NOT Quidditch. There’s just one ball and it’s played on the ground. Yeah, sorry for being boring…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little overview of the Elementals Universe’s storyverse, and expect more basic content to come your way soon. And again, if you’d like to unlock the good stuff, join the Readers Republic and you’re on your way to a plethora of outstanding bonus content.

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