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Wind Wielder: Elementals of Nordica, Book I
Wind Wielder Sion Zona’s battling Evil Empires. Will you join in the fun?

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Did You Know?

Self-published and indie authors alike are constantly rushing to push more stories through the pipeline to make ends meet?


Because an Evil Empire lurks currently drives the eBook market. And every day, that Evil Empire locks both authors and readers like you inside an iron grip. And every day, that Evil Empire takes more and more control of the eBook market.

So how do we battle the Evil Empire?

Patreon is one way self-published and indie authors are gearing up to take back control.


How Patreon Helps Me and You

Patreon gives me full control of what I dish out with higher royalties attached. The Evil Empire lets authors keep between 35% and 70% of earned royalties – and less than a half-cent per page read if the author enrolls in their subscription program! With Patreon, I earn over 90% in royalties.

Patreon provides a more dependable source of income. As a full-time writer, if I’m not making money, I’m not paying the bills. Sales fluctuate when the Evil Empire (constantly) changes its algorithms. That said, the income can come and go. With Patreon, my income remains more consistent while I can also consistently churn out more breathtaking tales in the Elementals Universe for you to enjoy.

How does Patreon help me share more content? Right now, my superfans despise the Evil Empire’s serialized subscription services; and it’s not a viable means of income for most authors. All serialized fiction, short stories, and even BONUS NOVELS in the Elementals Universe that doesn’t pertain to the characters in my main series goes straight to Patreon – and I publish AT LEAST one story per month on the site.

Patreon lets you own my full-length novels! The Evil Empire doesn’t actually let you own eBooks; you’re purchasing a license for the right to read. Believe it or not, they can delete all the content from your reading device if they feel like it. Patreon helps counteract this issue. Any of my work that you download as a benefit of the site is yours forever, and no one can take it away from you.

Patreon ensures you can read on the device of your choosing. Not just the Evil Empire’s device, but Kobo eReaders, Nook Books, Apple devices, and even your laptop. That said, if I’m ever forced into the Evil Empire’s subscription service (my superfans decide that fate), there’s a little loophole that will still let me deliver all my content to you if you read on other devices.


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How to Become a Patron?

It’s easy! Just choose a tier below, make an initial payment, and you’re a member of TC Marti’s Readers Republic Workshop. You will make your first monthly payment on the day you sign up, and on the first of the month for as long as you decide to remain a member.

You can pay all year round, or you can pay whenever you feel like it. It’s totally up to you!

Below, you will find three tiers and their membership benefits.

Tier Three: Mutineer Level – $2/Month

  • You will gain access to each new short story and piece of serialized fiction I churn out. Also, you will have access to my archive library.
  • If you’ve read any book in my Elementals Universe, you will even find bonus content featuring your favorite characters from the saga.
  • This is the best membership tier if you’re serious about helping me keep the lights on at home, and diving into some of those events mentioned that did not make it into the full-length novels. And trust me, I got a lot of stories cooked up!
  • And congrats! You just joined the Republic in its quest to help slow down the Evil Empire’s wrath!


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Tier Two: Insurgent Level – $3/Month

  • You gain access to everything mentioned in Tier Three, but you also earn access to…
  • All future full-length novels seven-to-ten days BEFORE they’re published.
  • Full-length novels that I’ll publish straight to Patreon – expect between one and two per year.
  • And congrats! You just upped the ante in the Readers Republic’s quest to do its part in slowing down the Empire!


Become an Insurgent!


Tier One: Renegade Level – $8/Month

  • You gain access to everything mentioned in Tiers Three and Two, but you also earn access to…
  • A signed paperback copy of each new TC Marti release – for both widely-published novels AND novels published directly to Patreon. Note, the tier level is only for residents of the Continental US because of shipping costs. 
  • And congrats! You just became a leader in the Reader Republic’s quest to do its part in slowing down the Evil Empire!


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Tell Your Friends!

Why should you tell your friends about TC Marti’s Readers Republic Workshop on Patreon?

Because the more money I bring in, the more you and all patrons will benefit.

Here’s what I have cooked up:

  • At $50/month, I’ll create one video blog per month detailing my latest Patreon and Wide creations.
  • At $100/month, I’ll start the Readers Republic Podcast, featuring 20 minutes of life happenings, Q&As regarding my full-length works, and even the occasional author interview!
  • At $500/month, I’ll release one full-length novel in audio format, and every month thereafter for both my Patreon-only AND Widely-Published material!

Let your friends in on the Readers Republic. Because the more financial support I get regarding all of my projects, the more I can create, the more you will enjoy, and the closer we are to slowing down the Evil Empire’s wrath.

See you on the inside!


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