Tarja Titan is the Turning Point in the Renegades Epic

Tarja Titan and the Renegades Epic

As I write today’s post, I’ve just finished writing the climax for Tarja Titan: Book I in the Tarja Titan (and Terrian Chronicles) Series, and Book III in the Renegades Epic. And while the draft is surely to be full of plot holes, inconsistencies, the way a first draft is supposed to look, I’ve discovered it serves as the turning point in the epic.

How did I come to this conclusion?

For one, it didn’t come from the outline, which my pantser self deviated from somewhere between Pages 1 and 2 in the draft. Seriously, these characters always have other ideas. That said, the pantser ways (authors who write to find out what happens to their characters) decided for me just how interconnected the Tarja Titan Series is with the others in the Epic.

Now, just because I discovered this does not mean you need to read all of my books. For example, if you love Tarja Titan but you hate Chronicles of Rondure, you can still read just one series and know what’s going on. This is because I like to write each series with the mentality that you are reading ONLY that series.

Want more insight on how I came to this conclusion?

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Tarja Titan is Loosely Based On…

Tarja Titan

My favorite book series of all time. Its main influences include Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, Windhaven Witches and Pendomus by Carissa Andrews, Witches of Mountain Shadow by Tarah Benner, and World of the Gateway by E.E. Holmes.

It gave me an idea of what the series’ overall plot and tone were going to look like. And I took storylines from each of the above works and made them into my own. So if you’ve read any of the above series’ I’m not rehashing anything these three great authors already created. Though odds are, I’d be calling fans of each of the aforementioned series to action.

With each chapter, each scene, and each character backstory, for the most part, you can make obvious comparisons to Potter, Windhaven, Pendomus, and Mountain Shadow. Tarja’s hidden powers that catch the attention of the notorious Machis are why they’re so interested in her, much like the Death Eaters in Potter, Videus in Pendomus, and the Brotherhood in Mountain Shadow.

Ditto for Tarja’s significance, which takes elements from both Pendomus and Potter. Then, there’s the fact Tarja’s power grants her more natural ability; something we see from Fiona Grimes in Mountain Shadow. Finally, Tarja’s gifts concerning nearby spirits are reminiscent of what you see in World of the Gateway.

But again, you’re looking at original plotlines with my own twist and story that you can argue dives into alternative history.


The Significance

Braden Hawk Prequel
Braden Hawk serves as the prequel to Tarja Titan.

But there’s one event that I didn’t see coming, and it was the significance concerning Tarja. It explains why this madman and his henchmen are hunting her down. And if you read the other series out there such as Elementals of Nordica and Chronicles of Rondure, you will also see how her character entwines with the others.

For example, you’ll discover a similar significance with the main cast in Elementals, while Chronicles of Rondure will see characters evolve into similar roles. This significance could even lead to a crossover series, which would be a series in and of itself.

Think something like the Avengers, but with an elemental magic flair. If crossovers are your thing along with a lot of binge reading, then you most certainly need to give not just Tarja Titan but all of my book series a whirl. If you’re unsure of whether they’re for you, join the Readers Republic at no cost and get some free stories.

Yeah, there are a lot of crazy ideas going on here, I know.


What Else Makes Tarja Titan So Interesting?

Liza Fury
Liza Fury is one of at least three main storylines in the Terrian Chronicles.

For me, it was entwining all I loved about Harry Potter into its own, overly complex plot. You’re getting many similarities between the Wizarding World and Elemental Society. But at the same time, Elemental Society, especially those notorious Machis, is everything Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters ever wanted to be.

So if you’re looking for a title that you can compare to Harry Potter, but with a darker twist that matches that seen in World of the Gateway, Tarja Titan is your series. Plus, unlike Harry Potter, you’re getting several other series in the larger Terrian Chronicles, including that of Braden Hawk and Liza Fury. So if you ever wished for other major characters in Potter to have their own series while Harry’s series was going on simultaneously, you’re getting a strong dose of that in Tarja Titan.

You will meet both Hawk and Fury in Tarja Titan before they branch off into their own series. And while their series’ entwine with Tarja’s to comprise the entire Terrian Chronicles, again, you don’t need to read them if you choose not to. But if you’re looking for more from your favorite characters, I will not disappoint you.



Tarja Titan kicks off the epic Terrian Chronicles, which will comprise at least three distinct storylines. Tarja is our obvious primary act here, given the significance to the overall Renegades Epic’s arc. The series also entwines with the significance of the main cast found in Elementals of Nordica, and Chronicles of Rondure.

While you don’t need to read all the series I dish out, doing so will lead to what I call a bonus overall story arc. Each series has its own. But the entire Renegades Epic holds one that’s even greater. If you like complex plots, entwining storylines, and non-stop action, Tarja Titan and the Renegades Epic (Elementals of Nordica, Chronicles of Rondure, each series in the Terrian Chronicles) will pique your interest.

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