Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year: Why Tarja Looks So Different

Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year: Why Tarja Looks So Different

When you look at the cover for Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year, you may notice something startling: Tarja looks like she got a complete makeover. 

Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year is the third installment of The Terrian Chronicles and the second book in the series featuring Tarja Titan as the main act. Tarja makes an appearance in Liza Fury: Catch 22, but she is a minor character who only appears in a few chapters. But how did she gain such a drastic makeover from April 2020 to March 2022?

The reason she looks so different in Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year is that Tarja is no longer suppressed. The girl representing Tarja in Book I is basically the kid who just escaped her abusive step-parents. Meanwhile, the girl in Sophomore Year is independent, whose confidence in her ability is skyrocketing. Therefore, Tarja is a different person. 

If Tarja’s makeover confuses you, don’t fear. I really want to take this opportunity to outline what Tarja had been through without giving away spoilers to the series itself. So if I sound bland, I apologize in advance. Also, if you’re interested in the Harry Potter-inspired work, feel free to check out Tarja Titan’s page to see if it’s the right book for you.

In Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year, Tarja is a girl with over a year of experience under her belt

Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year

When we first meet Tarja Titan, she is a short, skinny girl who knows nothing of Elemental Society. That description might make you think of Tarja as an eighteen-year-old Harry Potter.

Well, her birthday is in late December, so that nixes the entire Potter connection, even if The Terrian Chronicles takes inspiration from the legendary book series.

The model on the cover of Tarja Titan personifies what Tarja is when she first discovers that she is a Spirit Elemental. However, she’s also on the fast-track to becoming more proficient in her field, which explains why when Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year rolls around, she looks completely different. It’s a personification of her character evolution.

What About Liza Fury?

We first meet Liza in Tarja Titan, but she becomes the main act in Liza Fury: The Discoveryand Liza Fury: Catch 22. The character clearly does not look as though she aged much. However, when you look at the covers, take note of Liza’s face. She’s in a bit of a rage in The Discovery, with flames and water all over the place in front of a set of buildings.

In Catch 22you see a calmer, more collected Liza. Yes, she’s still her reckless, insecure self in Catch 22, but she also learns more control over her Elemental ability. So in Liza’s case, instead of going with a substantially older character since The Discovery takes place in August 2020 and Catch 22 occurs between March and April 2021, just eight months, Liza wouldn’t have changed much.

Tarja Titan, however, spans from April 2020 until March 2021, so that’s already 11 months. Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year begins in June 2021, and finishes in April 2022. So since the model in Tarja Titan depicts Tarja as an uncertain-looking, yet potential-laden girl just discovering her Elemental ability, that picture is akin to April 2020. The more powerful, confident Tarja is what we see in Sophomore Year, so it only makes sense that she would look different.

Braden Hawk’s Upcoming Makeover

Braden Hawk Prequel

Every year, I say I’m only going to write five books per phase in The Renegades Epic, but as a natural pantser, I always fail in that endeavor. Instead, I have a sixth book in Phase II entitled Braden Hawk: Catch 44. The book’s title is a play on Catch 22, and it shows the differences between Braden Hawk and Liza Fury.

Although the two are cut from the same cloth, Liza isn’t the most confident girl in the world and sometimes has that born loser mentality. Braden is the opposite, just as a catch 44 is the opposite of a catch 22.

Anyway, the last time Braden served as a main act came in Braden Hawk: The Terrian Chronicles Prequel, which mainly takes place between October 2012 and July 2013.

Braden and myself share a birthday of April 27th, 1991, which puts him between age 21 and 22 in the prequelClearly, the character model used in that book will not work for Catch 44. So in that case, my cover will most likely show a completely different model that resembles the one in the original book, since Catch 44 takes place between April and June 2022, right before the final book in the phase – The Gateway Six. 

Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year Foreshadows Growth

Once again, I’m a pantser author, meaning I’m not entirely sure what will become of Tarja in Tarja Titan: Junior Year, and Tarja Titan: Senior Year. This is one reason I decided against using Tarja’s point-of-view scenes in the first person, as opposed to Braden and Liza.

As for as aesthetics go, however, I am unsure of whether I will continue to show her growth, or perhaps stagnate her some. I have two potential covers that I really like for Junior Year (2024), and Senior Year (2025). Covers that indicate Tarja grows up even more. But by that time, what’s not to say genre tastes change and I end up overhauling my covers? So I’ll let time dictate that type of decision.

So if genre tastes remain even-keel, perhaps you will see even further makeovers regarding Tarja. But if they do not, then you may not even see a model depicting the character at all. Again, time will tell, and ultimately, the readers.