Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year

Know Your Enemy

There is a voice pleading for Tarja Titan’s help….

….To seek this wounded soul, Tarja must Walk centuries into the past

Tarja Titan spent spring break playing catch up to her younger stepsister, Liza Fury. While Liza mastered the Fire Element seemingly overnight, Tarja is nowhere near mastering the Element of Spirit.

But when the spirit of a girl she’s been recently connecting with turns up and informs Tarja that Trinity works in mysterious ways, an adventure unlike any other begins.

While Machi activity grows and havoc wreaks in Benight Society and the Intrepid’s iron fist turns Elemental Society into a dystopia, Tarja must turn to an unlikely ally to ease growing global tensions.

An ally that’s calling for her help not from 2021, but from another time and in another continent. The question remains: When Tarja discovers their identity, will she have it in her to help and join forces with them?

Tarja Titan Sophomore Year is Book III in The Terrian Chronicles and the second book starring Tarja as the main lead. If you love strong female protagonists, elemental magic, metaphysical fiction, and alternative history and timelines, you will love Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year.

★★★★★ “Tarja and company kept me on my toes from that first page, racing to the end to see how it all turns out. The suspense alone is enough to keep the pages turning.” Nancy, Vine Voice

★★★★★ “The author sure knows how to overwhelm readers with a complex plot, massive and diverse set of characters, and a huge predicament that will rack your brain.” – Shey Saints, Goodreads Reviewer

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