Unbiased Product Reviews

Are you looking for unbiased product reviews in the self-publishing/publishing industry that I have personally used? Below, you will find honest reviews on paid book promotion platforms, book marketing/launch services, author communities, and grammar checkers.

All reviews are honest, unbiased, and while I may have an affiliate agreement with some of the products below, they do not change my honest opinion. There are products that I love and will use time and again, and products you couldn’t pay me to recommend.

For each product I use, expect a review so you can hopefully enjoy success with my favorites while avoiding those (and lost money) I did not have a good experience with.

Note: Although I give each product a fair try, if a reviewed product did not work for me but it works for a specific niche of authors, it WILL receive a positive review. While my reviews are subjective, they’re by no means a complete reflection of my own results; but rather my results PLUS the results of other authors. 

Unbiased Product Reviews 2022

4 to 5 Runes – Strongly Recommended

Is BKnights a Reputable Book Promotion Outlet?

BKnights is one of those Fiverr book promotion services that you can pay just $5 to be featured on its website. They also have a $10 option for additional exposure through their newsletter. Hint: Always pay for exposure in a promotion’s newsletter, even if it costs you an extra few dollars. 

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Is Paid Author Reliable?

Paid Author is a blog featuring author/editor Ashton Cartwright and writer R.J. Vickers. Their blog specializes mainly in self-publishing, but one portion that jumps out is their product reviews on paid book promotion. If you’re looking for information on how to promote your book without getting burned, odds are you will want to venture to a hub instead of scouring the internet and wasting valuable writing hours.

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Book Doggy Product Review

Book Doggy is a paid book promotion service you can turn to when you’re strapped for cash. The service is one I’ve used often, even during my pre-launch phase for both Wind Wielder and Tarja Titan. How has Book Doggy fared and do I recommend the product for you to promote your books? Here is an in-depth case study.

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Is Book Kitty Worth It

Book Kitty may only cost $5 USD with a $2.55 service fee. But don’t let its cheap price fool you. This is one of the better platforms out there, and while I’m hesitant to buy into anything at such a cheap price that only promotes to social media, this platform has proven it can overdeliver.

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What is StoryOrigin?I’ve wanted to take you through a StoryOrigin review for a while now since the platform has made numerous improvements to its content over the past year. StoryOrigin had spent time in beta mode as it grew its brand, marketing its services to authors for free before placing the price tag.

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3.5 to 4 Runes – Recommended

Is Just Kindle Books Worth It?

Just Kindle Books is a book promotion site whose services go just as they sound: They promote Kindle books and only Kindle books. Therefore, if you’re on Amazon, and even if you’re locked into the Evil Empire’s Kindle Unlimited (KU) program, JKB may be a hot spot for you.

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2.5 to 3.49 Runes – Worth a Shot

2 to 2.49 Runes – Not Recommended

1.99 Runes or Less – Turn and Run

Incomplete – Not Enough Data