The Comical Coincidence Regarding Tash Holmes

A Funny Coincidence About Tash Holmes

If you have read my reader magnet prequel entitled Chronicles of Rondure, which is one of three freebies when you join the Readers Republic, you will meet Tash Holmes. Tash is the central character in the prequel and you will see her in Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica.

Anyway, I have a tendency to name my female characters after singers. Something that becomes a common theme in the Elementals Universe. This is often done on purpose, and it represents the bands, groups, and even solo acts that I’ve fallen in love with. Many of which I continue to listen to even today.

However, I did NOT realize that I had coincidentally named Tash Holmes after an Australian singer named Tash Holmes.

How Did I Discover This?

Lately, I’ve been getting quite a few click-throughs from the search engines from my private page entitled Meet Tash Holmes – where you can unearth the password to it and other pages upon joining the Readers Republic for an in-depth look at the character. Quite a few of these click-throughs coming from Australia.

After a quick Duck Duck Go search (yeah, I’m one of those people), I solved the mystery. While I did see my own Meet Tash Holmes page in the results, I’d also come across many more pertaining to the singer.

Even more ironic, I DID name Tash Holmes after two people. Or better yet, one character, and one real-life individual. Tash is named after the Demon God Tash in Chronicles of Narnia, who serves as the main god for the Calormenes. Tash is given this name because just as the God Tash wreaks havoc in Narnia, Tash attempts to do the same in Chronicles of Rondure. Her first name sort of foreshadows what’s to come.

Her last name, Holmes, is one of a few nods to one of my favorite authors, E.E. Holmes, and her book series entitled World of the Gateway. Tash is one of two nods toward World of the Gateway, with the second one being Hannah Kakko, whose middle name is – Jessica! Named after Jess and Hannah Ballard, the former of which serves as the protagonist in World of the Gateway.


Other Characters Named After Singers

Chronicles of Rondure
Tash on the cover of Chronicles of Rondure.

There are a plethora of female characters named after singers in each of my current and upcoming works.

In the upcoming Terrian Chronicles, Tarja Titan, for example, is named after Tarja Turunen. Her best friend, Floor Jetta, is named after Floor Janson. And if you follow symphonic metal, you will know Tarja Turunen and Floor Jansen are both the former and current lead singers of the band Nightwish.

I’m also a huge fan of K-pop and therefore have made several nods toward the genre.

The Core Four, for example, are named after all four members of the girl band Blackpink. Lalisa Must-Roosa is a nod to Lisa – whose real-life name is Lalisa. And her last name, Must-Roosa, is Black-Pink, if you’re looking for the proper translation, into the Estonian language.

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War
Mina Hirai on the cover of Civil War – Book I in Chronicles of Rondure.

Suzuka “Su” Kimiko is actually named after two singers – Jisoo, also of Blackpink, and Su-Metal of the Kawaii metal band, Babymetal. Rosalita “Rosie” Driver gets her name after both Rose of Blackpink, and the hit Bruce Springsteen song of the same name. And finally, Jennifer “Jenn” Etela is a nod toward Jennie. Though personality-wise, Jenn is a  stark 180 from the often soft-spoken Jennie!

In the Terrian Chronicles, we also meet Kira Myoi, who gets her last name after Mina Myoi of the K-pop band Twice. And finally, Mina Hirai is named after both Mina and Momo, the latter of whom’s last name is Hirai.

I have also done the same, to an extent with several male characters. For example, Erno Laurie Kakko is named after three people – Erno “Emppu” Vuorinen, the guitarist of Nightwish, Tuomas Holopainen, whose middle name is Laurie, and Toni Kakko of Sonata Arctica. Also, Liri Viorunen’s last name is an almost-portmanteau of Turunen and Vuorinen.

Oh, and just for a fun fact, I even named Sion Fawkes Zona after my own freelance writer’s name – Sion Fawkes. While Zona is a nod toward the state that all my favorite sports teams play in – Arizona.


Tash Holmes Was a Strange but Funny Coincidence

Overall, it was a complete coincidence to discover that there was a singer out there named Tash Holmes. Especially since I have a tendency to name characters after singers, bands, composers, and other pop culture stars and idols. This is even more true for female characters.

So, overall, I had a good laugh about it and I just HAD to create a post describing the strange coincidence. I have not yet listened to Tash Holmes’ music. But if I can find her stuff on Spotify, I’ll end up sampling her work. Especially during the evening walks!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post,

And Go Cardinals!


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