600 Years Before Wind Wielder…

A prince angered by his father’s warfare state.

…A peasant girl resentful toward the nation that punished her family centuries ago

Prince Caer sees no way out of his dreary life after a betrothal to the House of Magnu’s youngest daughter that will unite the powerful nations of Cymraeg and Tamuria.

But when he meets Malikki “Mali” LaSalle, a girl of untouchable status sneaking around the Tamurian Palace at Lontoo, he joins her in a leap of faith to free himself from monarchy’s binds.

Unfortunately for Caer, it is illegal for untouchables and monarchs to interact. The entire nation is now looking for Mali, who Tamuria’s House of Magnu frames for kidnapping the heir to Cymraeg’s throne.

Caer must do everything in his power to protect Mali. Especially when he discovers she is descended from a legendary lineage whose existence his own family helped erase from the history books.

The Cymraeg Tales takes place 600 years before the events seen in the Elementals Universe. If you like elemental magic, chosen ones, and sword and sorcery, this epic fantasy is for you.

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