The Elementals Universe comprises every work that you see in Elementals of Nordica, Chronicles of Rondure, the Terrian Chronicles, The Cymraeg Tales, and Sentrys of Terrene. You’re getting a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi here, along with elements in other genres like dystopian fiction featuring tyrannical governments and superstates acting as primary antagonists.

My magical systems involve elemental magic, sword and sorcery, epic fantasy tropes, and ultra-complex plots. The Elementals Universe also comprises genre-fusion, so I’m not shy about taking those tropes and elements often found in epic fantasy and bending them into modern-day societies.

I tend to release each book in Sagas that I dub Epics, and I rapid-publish each Epic in what I call a Phase.

For example, the Renegades Epic, Phase I was released between January 2022 and April 2022. The Renegades Epic, Phase II, kicked off on January 30th, 2023, with subsequent books released later that year. Each Phase will continue to consist of at least six books apiece in each series mentioned above.

Below, you will find each book written or to be released in the Renegades Epic, and the corresponding Phase. Just click on the links provided, and they will take you to each book’s page for further details!

The Renegades Epic

Phase I, January through April 2022

Wind Wielder 

A secret censored throughout the modern age…

…A cataclysmic riot leaves the fate of the world hanging by a thread

Wind Wielder is Book I in Elementals of Nordica, an exciting speculative fiction series featuring epic fantasy tropes and adrenaline-pumping battle scenes. If you are a fan of elemental magic, complex plots, and sword and sorcery with a contemporary twist, Wind Wielder is a MUST READ.

Learn more at the following link: Wind Wielder: Elementals of Nordica, Book I


Wind Master 

Welcome to the Five Worlds…

…Where notorious global superpowers have full control

Wind Master is Book II in Elementals of Nordica, featuring the same magical systems and tropes from Wind Wielder, but with more of a sci-fi twist. If you love elemental magic, genre-fusion, complex plots, and sword and sorcery with a contemporary twist, Wind Master is a MUST READ.

Learn more at the following link: Wind Master: Elementals of Nordica, Book II


Tarja Titan 

Abused and neglected for nearly a decade, Tarja Titan always longed for a home…

…But what she didn’t anticipate was the reception she’d receive upon her return to a world she thought only existed in fiction

Tarja Titan is Book I in the Terrian Chronicles, and Book III in the Renegades Epic. If you like strong heroines, elemental magic, complex plots, and young adult fiction, or better yet YA+, given the more mature subject matter, you will fall in love with Tarja Titan.

Learn more at the following link: Tarja Titan: Terrian Chronicles, Book I


Wind Keeper 

Sion Zona thought he at least had a sense of security in Nordica…

…Until realization strikes that he is nothing more than a pawn in yet another game

Wind Keeper is Book III in Elementals of Nordica and the series’s final installment seen in The Renegades Epic: Phase I. Once again, we’re looking at sword and sorcery, modern warfare, and even an erosion of the classic good vs. evil trope.

Learn more at the following link: Wind Keeper: Elementals of Nordica, Book III


– Civil War 

I was Culled at age five into the Bastille Military, the World of Rondure’s superpower…

…Having lived on-base for thirteen years, military life taught me two things: Mastery of the Smoke Element and to never apologize about using it on enemies

Civil War features an emotional roller coaster with a protagonist seeking to discover herself. Like Titan and Elementals of Nordica, Civil War includes sword and sorcery, but more of a dark fantasy feel than my previous installments. As its cover shows, Civil War also takes place in a technologically advanced society.

Learn more at the following link: Civil War: Chronicles of Rondure, Book I


Phase II, January through December 2023

– The Rebellion Awakens 


An Insurgent strike from underground bases won the rebellion’s first victory against Vranom Imperials.

The Rebellion Awakens is Book I in the military science fantasy Sentrys of Terrene Series. If you like Star Wars with a touch of Avatar: The Last Airbender, this is the series for you. You’re getting more sword and sorcery here, but with a post-apocalyptic dystopian military sci-fi twist.

Learn more at the following link: The Rebellion Awakens: Sentrys of Terrene, Book I


– Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year

There is a voice pleading for Tarja Titan’s help….

….To seek this wounded soul, Tarja must Walk centuries into the past

If you love strong female protagonists, elemental magic, metaphysical fiction, and alternative history and timelines, you will love Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year.

Learn more at the following link: Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year: The Terrian Chronicles, Book II


– Wind Ruler

Valkyrie Siskonen evaded death twice, and she knows she won’t survive another encounter with the Third Sister…

…Sion Zona has no idea Valkyrie’s life is so close to the end, and she intends to keep it that way

Wind Ruler is Book IV in Elementals of Nordica, and its first and only installment in the Renegades Epic, Phase II. Once again, we’re seeing similar tropes and magical systems that we saw in the first three books. Only now, you’re getting plenty of action-packed battle scenes.

Learn more at the following link: Wind Ruler: Elementals of Nordica, Book IV


– Spirit and Fire

A troubled outcast on the run from her home nation’s wrath

…An estranged prince escaping a dreary home life in a distant land

This one is purely epic fantasy, but its has connections with the aforementioned books in both phases. Taking place 600 years before the other books in the Renegades Epic, the Cymraeg Tales was first mentioned in Wind Wielder, and mentioned periodically since. For readers interested in the story’s entirety, this book is more than worth checking out.

Learn more at the following link: Spirit and Fire: The Cymraeg Tales, Book I


– BattleFront

I thought we only needed to deal with the Nation of Bastille…

…Yet I was wrong. Bastille labeled our uprising as something more sinister than we could ever imagine.

BattleFront is Book II in the Chronicles of Rondure Series. This science fantasy leans into apocalyptic territory, rich in elemental magic and genre fusion. If you like strong female characters and epic battle scenes with some suspense, BattleFront is for you.

Learn more at the following link: BattleFront: Chronicles of Rondure, Book II


– The Last Sentrys

Coming Soon!