Cast of Characters in Liza Fury: The Discovery

Liza FuryLiza Fury: The Discovery is a small, 12,000-word novelette that takes place in and around the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area. But the bulk of its story is set in eastern Ohio, around many small towns I had ventured to and even lived in as a kid. While I consider the work to be urban fantasy, Liza Fury is something you can consider to be small-town fantasy given the rather sparsely-populated regions much of the story takes place in.

All of the towns mentioned in the work are real. Along with the two power plants and even highways mentioned. The work is for you if you love shared universes entwined with sword and sorcery, mythology, elemental magic, and folklore. It’s also a great read if you love paranormal fantasy, plus an unforgettable cast of young and new adult characters.

With each paid work I write and publish, I will continue to provide pages like these that outline the regions in which the work takes place, along with a detailed outline of each character. If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at Liza Fury’s cast of characters, keep reading, starting with our title character.

Main Characters in Liza Fury: The Discovery

Liza Fury

Liza is the first protagonist in any of my books you can strictly consider a young adult since she’s only 16. While she possesses an athletic build, she lacks athletic ability and often describes herself as having unruly brown hair. She suffers from anxiety, but she deals with it through mental exercises, deep breathing, and keeping close to her friends.

You can also describe Liza as an insecure girl, as it becomes clear early she has a thing for many of the guys she crosses. However, she’s rather afraid to pursue anything more than friendly relationships with them.

Some of these insecurities stem from living in her sister Stef’s shadow. An athletic girl who can immediately attract any boy, Stef has a scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh, and it’s no secret she’s the “favorite daughter” of Jay and Janet Fury. Knowing this, Liza seems to put unnecessary pressure on herself, but she also does not resent Stef.


Chase Gotham

Chase is a 20-something Sentinel with friendly ties to Liza’s half-brother at Celestial University of the Northeast (Elemental School). Liza’s immediately taken with him and like her, he controls the fire element. Chase is also a higher-ranking Sentinel for his age and often spends time hanging out with Cesar Hernandez, a Falconer (Sentinel at the federal level).

Chase’s goal is to rise through the Sentinel ranks and perhaps even make the move to Falconer status. For this, he often volunteers to embark on covert operations against enemy factions. He also poses as a Benight (non-Elemental) on several occasions.

Personality-wise, Chase is level-headed and is kind to everyone around him. Even if his younger brother Skeeter is a bane of his existence at times.


Chip “Skeeter” Gotham

Skeeter is around Liza’s age and is Chase’s younger brother. A perfect combo of brawn and brain, Skeeter resembles his brother to a T but is implied to be the one-upper. Skeeter is not humble, aware of his high IQ and good looks. Because of this, he can be arrogant and often makes assumptions with little to no evidence to back his claims.

However, he’s also often correct in his assumptions, and he uses this as a springboard to justify his actions; which sets Liza Fury: The Discovery’s story in motion. His actions in The Discovery also show he’s willing to lead people into danger and shows little concern for their general well-being, even if he cares for them.

He also has a sneaky salesperson’s personality, often coercing others into following him. And it’s implied that he sees himself as a cut above others given his natural abilities as a Metal Morpher. Despite his shortcomings, Skeeter is a good person who cares for his friends. It’s just in the heat of the moment, he cares more about his personal goals.

Overall, Skeeter is a fearless leader. He is also a champion of truth and justice, despite his cunning ways to expose specific truths. Skeeter is also a tech genius and it’s strongly implied he has access to the darknet.


Daya Hernandez

Skeeter’s best friend and confidant. Daya is a Vape Elemental, more commonly referred to as a Smoke Elemental. She’s advanced in the ability for her age and she comes from a well-off background, with a Falconer father and a mother who’s strongly implied to being a “Wonder Mom.”

Daya, like Skeeter, is a champion of truth and justice. But instead of pulling strings or using relentless sales pitches to drag others along for a mission, she’s upfront and honest.

Liza describes Daya as half-Black (mom’s side), half-Hispanic (dad’s side). And her looks, much like Stef’s, are enough to garner the attention of any guy. It’s implied Daya has her friends’ best interests at heart, always there for Liza when she needs a friend’s support.

She also follows her father’s ways and is a staunch believer in the Falconer/Sentinel system.


Cesar Hernandez

Daya’s father and a Falconer, although Cesar’s often seen hanging with Chase and other Sentinels. It’s implied in Liza Fury that he has much influence in Pittsburgh’s Sentinel unit and he often considers himself more of a floater between the two organizations than anything else.

We don’t catch much of Cesar in The Discovery. However, he plays an important behind-the-scenes role both in The Discovery and future works of the Terrian Chronicles. Implying Cesar’s influence among the Sentinels/Falconers spreads far and wide throughout the Northeast Region.


Places in Liza Fury: The Discovery

In Liza Fury: The Discovery, I mention a solid number of towns and cities in the Upper Ohio Valley which comprises the real-life counties of Jefferson (Ohio), Brooke (West Virginia), Allegheny (Pennsylvania), and Washington (Pennsylvania) Counties.

There are also small towns and cities in this area I mention in the work, all of which exist. Weirton, West Virginia (where they filmed the movie Super 8), is one of those towns and is often considered the area’s finest city beyond Pittsburgh’s popular retail outlet of Robinson Township.

I also mention the cities of Steubenville (home of Dean Martin) and Toronto (home of Robert Urich). Along with Rayland (Bill Mazeroski), Tiltonsville (“Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio”), Saline Township, Brilliant, Island Creek, Costonia, plus the Cardinal and Sammi’s Power Plants. Browns Island, home of a former coke plant and future solar farm, plays a key role.

Pottery Addition, Ohio (population 293) which serves as Liza’s hometown, is a census-designated place in Jefferson County that borders Steubenville on Old State Route 7.

I also mention the area of Wexford, Pennsylvania. Wexford is the umbrella name for five townships in Pittsburgh’s North Hills – Pine, McCandless, Marshall, Franklin Park, and Ross Township. I worked in this town for a year, and have placed the secret Eidolon Outlets just off of Perry Highway, which runs through Wexford.


Is Liza Fury: The Discovery for You?

If your reading tastes involve pacing that travels faster than a racecar on a drag strip, odds are you will fall in love with Liza Fury: The Discovery. It comprises a blend of urban and small-town fantasy, elemental magic, sword and sorcery, mythology, folklore, and it takes place in a shared universe along with my other works.

If you’re a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender or E.E. Holmes’ Gateway Trilogy, odds are you will fall in love with not just Liza Fury, but the Terrian Chronicles.

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