Coming 05. 06. 2024


A time of turmoil engulfs the Lost World of Terrene…

…Yet amidst the shadows of war, a new hope arises

Sabre Kjaergaard stands at the heart of the conflict, torn between the legacy of her late mentors and the sinister designs of her biological father, a leader in the imperial Venn Order. With her powers evolving and the stakes higher than ever, she must seek the legendary Minch Ware, the last known Spirit Elysian Master, to unlock the secrets of her rare abilities to control both Earth and Spirit.

But the path is fraught with danger. As her father’s forces close in, the ultimate fate of Terrene hangs in the balance, with Sabre’s choices pivotal in an intensifying war that threatens to engulf their reality.

Join Sabre as she navigates through betrayal, love, and the trials of destiny. The battle to restore liberty is heating up, and every page in this post-apocalyptic dystopian science fantasy promises an adventure where only the strongest will survive.

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