The Magickal Properties of Nordic Runes in the Elementals Universe


Today, I’m talking to you about the magickal properties of Nordic Runes both in real life, and how they pertain to the Elementals Universe, as you will see them in just about every book. Or you will at least find that I mention the runes and do so often. Last week, I wrote an overview of the Nordic Runes’ presence in Elementals of Nordica, leaning more toward the divination aspect.

Today, I am building on that post by talking about the magickal properties of runes.

How the Nordic Runes Work in Real Life

If you did not already know, each Nordic Rune, when carved or drawn properly on an object, is sort of like a transmitter to the universe. Think of them, in the same way, your cell phone pings off of nearby towers. The Nordic Runes work in the same fashion.

When one draws (or carves if they’re crafty enough) them horizontally on a talisman or creates a bindrune, they may send a signal to the universe. When one does this while building a magickal circle, invites deities, entwines with the four classical elements (earth, water, air, and fire), along with using masterful visualization, chants, commands, and other ways to transmit energy, odds grow in their favor that whatever message they are sending into the universe will come into fruition.

Again, think of the transmitter signal. The stronger the signal, the more likely you are to access wi-fi, your location, and other cool apps without burning up data. Rune magick works in an identical way. And you will see that magick in action in the Elementals Universe. Anyway, if you’d like to know the magickal properties of these runes and how they are used in the Elementals Universe, keep reading.


Freyr’s Aett: Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, Kenaz, Gebo, Wunjo

ᚠ – Fehu: The Rune of Movable Wealth. In magick, drawing Fehu on a talisman will lead to an increase in wealth via money, psychic ability, and even your social life. You can also use it to manifest a magickal working.

ᚢ – Uruz: The Rune of Strength. Adding Uruz will allow sudden changes to work to your advantage, add focus and strength to willpower, manifest situations and experiences, heal an illness or ailment, and if you have underlying motives for actions in your life, use Uruz to help understand them.

ᚦ – Thurisaz: A Protection Rune. Adding Thurisaz will bring about defensive magick and protection. If you need a little luck, Thurisaz will help. And it will also help unlock your intuition to make good decisions.

ᚨ – Ansuz: The Communication Rune. The top magickal property in a talisman or bindrune for Ansuz include wisdom, the ability to enhance your runic talisman or bindrune, discern complex situations, communication with the divine, and it’s also a good rune for success in exams, job interviews, the job itself, and public speaking.

ᚱ – Raidho: Our Rune of Good Travels involves safe and productive travels in both physical and spiritual journeys. It’s also good to invoke when you want justice in disputes, along with maintaining a sound mind while navigating tough situations.

< – Kenaz: The Breakthrough Rune is just that. Break through writer’s block, enhance creativity, and add power to runic talismans. It’s also a good love rune and healing rune.

X – Gebo: The Gift Rune. Gebo is another love rune and it’s great to carve or draw when you’re looking for harmonious relationships. You can also boost your magickal and psychic ability with Gebo, along with connecting with the divine.

ᚹ – Wunjo: The Rune of Joy, this is a great success/fulfillment rune. Like Kenaz, it’s powerful in bind runes and like Gebo, it promotes harmonious relationships. It’s also good to use when you need to raise that vibrational frequency.


Hagal’s Aett: Hagall, Nied, Isa, Jera, Eihwaz, Perdhro, Algiz, Sowilo

ᚺ – Hagall: The Rune of Destruction is not the case in evoking magickal properties. Use Hagal to promote a slow evolution and you can also bind it with Thurisaz for protection and luck mechanisms. Use it for promoting transformations, such as breaking unhealthy patterns. In other words, if you’d like to break the status quo, use Hagall.

ᚾ – Nied: One of my favorite runes, the Rune of Need is great when you need to promote a sound mind through difficult endeavors, much like Raidho. It’s also a love rune in magickal workings, quite the opposite of its negative meaning in divination. If you’re looking to attract someone, Nied is your rune.

l – Isa: The Ice Rune, Isa is also thought of having negative properties in divination, but I say it’s more 50-50 as it tells you to look inward. As for magickal workings, it’s highly positive. Use it to maintain a status quo or to freeze a situation. Use it for protection against unwanted energies, and to simplify a complex situation.

ᛃ – Jera: the Rune of Harvest is great when you’re looking to bring about fertility which can range from conception to creativity, or even bring a specific endeavor into fruition. Like Gebo and Wunjo, it’s also great to facilitate harmonious relationships at home, work, and even in romantic relationships.

ᛇ – Eihwaz: The most interesting rune of the Elder Futhark, evoke this rune when you’re looking into past lives, and to gain both personal and magickal power. Use it to overcome obstacles, and use it in conjunction with Thurisaz and the Delay Runes (Hagall, Nied, and Isa) to bring about protection. But you can take things a step further here by banishing unwanted energies. The Rune of New Beginnings is my favorite rune and perhaps the most powerful in the Futhark.

ᛈ – Perdhro: This is the Rune of Chance. If you play poker or if you gamble, use it to increase those odds of winning. Use it to protect investments, and along with Eihwaz, it’s a great rune to use in divination and to foster spiritual clarity. Along with Uruz and Kenaz, it’s a sensational healing rune.

ᛉ – Algiz: I changed the spelling on this one from Elhaz since it’s easy to confuse with Eihwaz and Ehwaz. The Rune of Protection is great to use in conjunction with Thurisaz for protection. And along with Eihwaz and Isa, it’s great to protect from unwanted energies and is also a sensational banishing rune. If you astral travel, it’s good to use before doing so along with Ehwaz.

ᛋ – Sowilo: Another favorite, the Victory Rune is magnificent when you want more self-confidence, making it great to use in conjunction with Uruz. You can also use it for spiritual guidance, success in challenges, overcoming obstacles, and even healing, making it good to use with Perdhro, Uruz, and Kenaz.


Tyr’s Aett

ᛏ – Tiwaz: The Rune of Sacrifice is great to place on a talisman with Sowilo since it’s also a healing and success rune in magickal workings. Use it in conjunction with Uruz and Hagall to strengthen willpower, and it’s great to use when you need courage, confidence, and masculine energy. Also, use it to strengthen your faith – GREAT to meditate on!

ᛒ – Berkana: The Fertility Rune is great to use when you’re trying to conceive. Like Tyr, it’s great to use for courage and self-confidence, plus feminine energy. It’s great to combine with Kenaz and Jera for creativity, and to strengthen family ties (Jera). If you’re looking to bring ideas to fruition, Berkana is a good rune to use.

ᛖ – Ehwaz: The Rune of Trust is great to use when you need a boost for astral travel. It’s another rune of safe travels, so it’s great to add to a talisman with Raidho, especially when astral traveling. Use it to overcome sudden changes, along with Eihwaz. It’s also a good staminal rune in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms, making it compatible with Hagall, Uruz, and Tyr.

ᛗ – Mannaz: The Rune of Mankind, Mannaz is great for improving the mind in all facets, such as mental stamina (along with the runes listed under Ehwaz), to promote harmonious relationships (Jera, Berkana, Gebo, Wunjo), plus success in legal issues (Raidho).

ᛚ – Laguz: Our Go with the Flow Rune is great for increasing intuition and psychic abilities, making it an outstanding rune to pair with Fehu, Algiz, Eihwaz, Raidho, and Ehwaz. Like Berkana, it also promotes feminine energies, along with creative energies. You can also maintain equanimity in difficult situations, further linking it to Raidho.

ᛜ – Ingwaz: The Rune of Completion is great to use when you’re looking to complete a runic talisman. Like Jera and Berkana, it’s a great fertility rune. Draw or carve this one when pursuing a passion, and to build or release magickal energies. It’s yet another rune for protection.

ᛞ – Dagaz: The Rune of Hope and Daylight is great when you’re looking to increase your luck, along with Thurisaz and Perdhro. It’s also great for creative and spiritual breakthrough, linking it to Kenaz. Use it to turn a corner in a challenging situation (I see many weightlifters wear belts that have combined Tyr with Dagaz. Whether they realize the connection or the meaning of the symbols, I’ve never asked). Like Fehu, it’s great for an increase in wealth.

ᛟ – Othala: The Family Rune, it’s great to use when you’re looking to hold onto immovable wealth, such as land. You can use it in conjunction with Jera, Berkana, Gebo, and Wunjo to promote harmonious relationships, and for astral communication, along with Algiz and Ehwaz. Especially when you’d like to speak with ancestors.


The Nordic Runes in the Elementals Universe

Wind Wielder

You don’t see them too much in Wind Wielder, but you will see more of the Nordic Runes playing out as the Elementals Universe evolves. Especially in Wind Master. Often, there is a talisman either in horizontal form or a bind, and characters with runic knowledge assist the other characters in this avenue as they crack specific codes.

For example, Sion stumbles upon a Kenaz Rune in a cave, which another character tells him stands for “breakthrough.” However, a nearby Uruz Rune signifies that to break through a secret wall, they must use a show of strength.

Other times, however, the runes act as wards and only those who control specific elements can break such wards if they stand at a high enough level. For example, a Wind Wielder cannot break a Fire Elemental’s ward (Thurisaz, Kenaz, Nied, Sowilo) UNLESS they rest at least 50 levels higher in combat experience. Ditto for a Fire Elemental trying to break through a Wind Wielder’s ward (Ansuz, Eihwaz, Tiwaz, Raidho).

Only Spirit Masters can break through wards at a lower level. But even they have limitations; such as if another Spirit Master conjures the ward.

You will also see characters create talismans on both objects and themselves. Often, Spirit Elementals and Masters do this. But you will see the ruse played out by many characters; especially in the Terrian Chronicles by both elementals, and even non-elementals who are aware of their higher energies.


More Nordic Rune Posts to Come

I use the Nordic Runes in many aspects of the Elementals Universe, so odds are, you will see more posts like the one above and my previous post, which you can also access here. There are also cool books for you to check out over at Amazon if you’d love to dig deeper into the Nordic Runes.

The books I used when researching this work (and conducting my own Runic Magick!), include Runes for Beginners by Lisa Chamberlain, and A Practical Guide to the Runes by Lisa Peschel.

Thank you so much for checking out today’s post,

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