The Rebellion Awakens is a Tribute to the Buffalo Sabres

The Rebellion Awakens

When you read The Rebellion Awakens (Sentrys of Terrene: Book I), you will notice that there are plenty of references to the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres. 

The Rebellion Awakens is Book I in my Sentrys of Terrene Series and it takes place on the wrecked World of Terrene. Terrene represents your post-apocalyptic trope that I love to read about so much. But it has a fantasy/sci-fi twist to it. So how exactly do the Buffalo Sabres fit inside this quagmire?

Many groups, places, and names stem in The Rebellion Awakens stem from the Buffalo Sabres. And there are no shortage of tributes here, with the co-protagonist’s first name being Sabre. And while there are references to the Sabres all over the place, I decided to have a little fun and add names inspired from other NHL teams. 

Below, I’ll go over some of my favorite places, names, and groups in The Rebellion Awakens as they pertain to the Buffalo Sabres. I also want to go over some names that are references to other hockey teams. So just like in a previous article, this one is going to have a sporty twist to it. Enjoy!

The Rebellion Awakens and its Buffalo Sabres references

Sentrys of Terrene

Sabre Kahne Kjaergaard is just one such reference. She lives in the Peoples Republic of Vranom’s capital city of Sunrise. And if you know anything about the NHL, the Sabres Atlantic Division rival, the Florida Panthers, play in Sunrise, Florida.

She later discovers a group of people called the Bruin Division is after her, which is a reference to one of the Sabres biggest rivals, the Boston Bruins. Another protagonist is a kid named Tage Ras-Svendson. He is named after Tage Thompson, who plays center on the Buffalo Sabres. And as of the time of this writing, Tommers should be in the Queen City for a long time.

Tage leads a group called the Bison Brigade, a nod to the bison on the Sabres logo. Tage also crosses his swords often, which is yet another nod to the logo. Finally, Ras-Svendson refers to Rasmus Dahlin and Rasmus Asplund. Svensdson is a play on Svenska, which refers to Swedish, the home nation of Dahlin and Asplund.

Other Obvious Sabres References

Tage’s Bison Brigade comprises Aleksandr Tuck, Quinn Ras, Peter Joki, and Peyton Vic. The four are named primarily after younger players in the system as of 2022 – Aleksandr Kisakov, Alex Tuch, Jack Quinn, Rasmus Dahlin/Asplund (again), J.J. Peterka, Henri Jokiharju, Peyton Krebs, and Victor Olofsson. Tuck’s name came with a ‘K’ at the end, because I have a minor character named Tuch in Civil War

There is also a character whose dialogue is modeled after longtime voice of the Sabres, Rick Jeanneret, who started his career in 1971-72 before retiring in 2022. It’s only appropriate that I call this character JR, a play on RJ, which many called Jeanneret.

A group of people called the Goatheads are also present, which recognizes the famed goathead logo the Sabres had from 1996-97 until 2005-06. Imlach Stagg is another reference. While I just thought Stagg was a cool name, Imlach refers to Punch Imlach, the first coach/general manager of the Sabres.

I’ve also strongly implied the Insurgency’s colors to be royal blue and gold, which match the Sabres. The colors red and black also show up for the Insurgency. These were the Sabres primary colors during the Goathead Era. One character also has the middle name Hasek, which is a reference to Dominik Hasek, arguably the best goaltender in NHL history.

References in The Rebellion Awakens to Sabres Rivals

There are also rivals mentioned amok. One reference, however, does not refer to a rival. Tage recalls living in a city called Rahls, named after Raleigh, North Carolina, home of the Carolina Hurricanes. In 2005-06, however, the Hurricanes defeated the Sabres four games to three in the Eastern Conference Finals. Tragic for Sabres fans, as they were on a Cinderella run that season. That said, I had to include a Hurricane reference.

I also refer to many corrupt Senates in The Rebellion Awakens, referring to the Ottawa Senators, one of the Sabres chief rivals. In Sunrise, there are two streets called Maple and Leaf, referring to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Vranom’s military mainly comprises of Reds and Rangers – named for the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers.

And finally, we have a notorious antagonistic trio: Venn Rhine, Eich, and Risto. In 2021, three members of the Sabres grew impatient in playing for them: Sam Reinhart, Jack Eichel, and Rasmus Ristolainen. I did tweak Rhine’s spelling to better match Reinhart’s pronunciation. Of course, Eich refers to Eichel and Risto, Ristolainen.

The Venn Order is Vranom’s strongest force and the biggest antagonists in the books. Their colors are black, brown, and yellow, matching those of the Boston Bruins current and past schemes.

More NHL References to Come?

You can count on it as Sentrys of Terrene will be a three-book series. So expect more pro-Sabres protagonists plus a few antagonists referring to the team’s bigger rivals. The Golden Knights will most likely be involved, as it’s where Jack Eichel landed. In fact, they may even be involved, as the Venn Order’s official name is in fact, the Knights of the Venn Order.

You can also expect more animosity toward the Bruins, as many in the fan base consider them to be the Sabres biggest rival. Though others will say the Maple Leafs. But since the Sabres have owned the Leafs throughout the past five decades, it’s hard to call that one a rivalry.