The Terrian Chronicles Saga is Three Series Within One

The Terrian Chronicles Saga

I penned a post yesterday regarding series starters in the Renegades Epic, which is, by extension, part of the Elementals Universe. Today, we’re discussing the Terrian Chronicles Saga. And, while the Terrian Chronicles, Elementals of Nordica, and Chronicles of Rondure are all part of the larger Renegades Epic, the Terrian Chronicles further breaks down into three distinct series.

However, let’s use the including, but not limited to approach. The Terrian Chronicles will comprise at least three if not more series. Yes, binge readers who have Kindle Unlimited need to unite here, because you’re getting a plethora of works in KU. All of which criss-cross with one another. We’re talking Elementals of Nordica, Chronicles of Rondure, and every series in the Terrian Chronicles.

So what are the known works that make up the Terrian Chronicles?

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Braden Hawk – Terrian Chronicles Saga Prequel

Braden Hawk Prequel

My life changed forever in a single, tragic evening.

…Now, not only am I one of America’s Most Wanted in the real world; the Elemental World wants me dead 

The Elementals accused and convicted me of killing twelve civilians with a single swipe of my Sword of Wind. Little did they know someone else committed the murders. 

They never knew I was betrayed. Betrayed not just by an ally, but by my dear cousin. My best friend at the Celestial University for Elementals, she fought alongside me in the Elemental War against the notorious Machis. Then, she took everything and everyone close to me. 

I trusted her to keep my family’s hidden location safe. Turns out she’d been working for the Machis the entire time. 

Now I’m out to avenge their deaths. Along with everyone else she and the Machis took from me. 

I am Braden Hawk. I am a Wind Master. I am a Sentinel. I am out for blood.

Join the Readers Republic and claim your copy on October 31st, 2021. Or if you’re reading today’s post after Hallowe’en (Samhain), or your own unique reference to the holiday, join the Readers Republic and claim your copy!

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Tarja Titan

Tarja Titan

Abused and neglected for nearly a decade, Tarja Titan always longed for a home…

…But what she didn’t anticipate was the reception she’d receive upon her return to a world she thought only existed in fiction

For starters, everyone in Elemental Society knows her name. Even if she has no recollection as to why. For another, she’s going to a university to hone a rare supernatural ability, or abilities, she’s never heard of.

Everywhere Tarja goes and everyone she speaks to, new secrets emerge. Like the fact she was murdered as a child and somehow here she is, as alive and well as her new classmates.

And this school has more secrets than Tarja could imagine. It has hidden rooms, corridors, and yeah, resident spirits love hanging out here. And they’re not shy about sharing a few stories. Even if her newly-discovered godbrother is.

Tarja Titan is Book I in both the Tarja Titan Series and the Terrian Chronicles, and Book III in the Renegades Epic. It is the first work in the Elementals Universe to take place on Earth. And READER DISCRETION ADVISED: As you can see from the description, we’re dealing with a darker twist on the fantasy genre.

If you like strong heroines, elemental magic, complex plots, and young adult fiction, or better yet YA+, given the more mature subject matter, you will fall in love with Tarja Titan.

Available March 2022 on Amazon.

Liza Fury

Liza Fury

This one won’t be available for a while and to be upfront, I have yet to start any pre-production on the book. However, you will meet Liza Fury in Tarja Titan and again in Braden Hawk: Episode I – NOT the prequel novella described above.

Anyway, here’s what I know about Liza Fury:

1 – It will take place after the events of Braden Hawk, Episode I, whose events occur between March and August 2021.

2 – Obviously, Liza becomes a central character. However, I’m not sure if Braden or Tarja will play a role in this one.

3 – I have one of two settings picked out. One of which is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (the city I’m most familiar with), which would shift Liza Fury into urban fantasy despite its epic fantasy magical system and world.

4 – Any revelation seen in Tarja Titan and Braden Hawk will continue in Liza Fury. However, since this is a different story from Titan and Hawk, and therefore a different series, I will explain those revelations somewhere in the text. So if Titan or Hawk aren’t for you but Fury is, you will know what’s going on.

5 – Again, Fury bends into urban fantasy. So if you’re a staunch urban fantasy reader, odds are you will love Fury’s story.

I will have the story available as early as Fall 2022, or perhaps as late as Winter 2022-23. As you can see, we got a lot of what-if’s here.


More Works from the Terrian Chronicles Saga?

So, here’s the score with the Elementals Universe. Many works you see, and that goes for Elementals of Nordica and the Terrian Chronicles Saga, are actually retooled and recycled works that I had written between 2014 and 2020. The stories are different but the characters and in many cases, their names, have remained the same.

For example, Tarja Titan was always going to be a spirit elemental (Spirit Elemental in Terrian lingo). Braden Hawk is actually a character split in half from my very first male protagonist. His other half, who I snuck into the Braden Hawk Prequel, may also get his own series. At the very least, the particular character will play a role. Lenny Cyclone is and always was an earth elemental and Braden’s one-upper.

In Elementals of Nordica, Sion Zona is the remnant of a much more aggressive character I’d created years ago. Sion retains much of this character’s traits, such as brashness, win at all costs; but he’s also far less aggressive and holds a high moral code.

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The same goes for many characters in the series, such as Liri, Raj, Lord Tuukka, Col Eriksson, the Kakkos, pretty much everyone in the main cast. The story itself is also a retooled version from its predecessor that only appealed to mature audiences. I’m glad to say that it’s not the case for the retooled works, which even kids as young as 13 can read and enjoy.

Only Chronicles of Rondure are completely original works that did not have a predecessor. The idea for Tash Holmes, however, came to me in a photo; much like how Tarja Titan originated in a dream back in early 2018.

Anyway, odds are, the Terrian Chronicles Saga and others can have far more than just the book series mentioned in recent posts. So if you’re a binge reader, stay tuned.

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