This Reader Magnet in the Elementals Universe Takes You to Earth

Get another reader magnet

If you’re looking for some free reads in the Elementals Universe, then join the Readers Republic, where you’ll get a reader magnet called Chronicles of the Elementals, and a few days later you’ll find Chronicles of Rondure delivered straight to your inbox.

But I got another one coming your way, called the Braden Hawk Prequel, which kicks off the Terrian Chronicles. Like all of my free stories, it will rest between 10,000 and 20,000 words – I only charge for full-length novels – but unlike Elementals of Nordica and other works in the Elementals Universe, this one also introduces you to my largest series.

So large that there are several principle protagonists in their own, respective series whose stories entwine with one another. Think Marvel Cinematics, or television shows like Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med, among other well-known works out there that feature several protagonists.

So if that’s something you’re into, then you definitely need to check this one out.

But when will I have it ready?

Keep reading for more information.


This Reader Magnet is Yours If…

As mentioned, if you join the Readers Republic, or if you’re already a member of the Republic. If you’re a member, you’ll get the work in a mailing campaign. If you’re not a member, you only need to sign up for the Republic once it’s released, and I’ll gift it to your inbox within my welcome sequence. Sort of like what I do with Chronicles of Rondure three days after a reader signs up for my list.


When Will I Have This Reader Magnet Ready?

I’m hosting a giveaway that will include either a Kindle or a bundle of books following the NBA Finals. If you’re reading this post after the 2021 NBA Finals, if the Phoenix Suns win, I’ll give away the Kindle. If the Bucks win, I’ll give away the book bundle featuring some of my favorite works.

So, following the NBA Finals will be the giveaway itself, and the reader magnet will be ready in October 2021. I know it seems like it’s a ways off, but at the same time, you have two free stories to immerse yourself in when you join the Readers Republic.

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Are Other Reader Magnets on the Way?

Chronicles of the Elementals
Chronicles of the Elementals is the first of many freebies available when you join the Republic.

Yes, but I cannot tell you which ones will be out there because they will spoil things. Especially as they pertain to Braden Hawk. So for those of you reading this not in the Republic, I must be vague on it.

However, I have plenty of magnets on the way as we venture into the latter portion of the year. Of course, the Braden Hawk Prequel is one such magnet. But you’ll also get at least one more prequel in the Terrian Chronicles when you sign up for the Republic late this year since I’ll be hosting yet another giveaway as the year winds down.

So, if you’re a member of the Republic, expect a reader magnet following each giveaway, which acts as a thank you for remaining part of the Republic over the duration of the giveaway. And since thousands of readers will join the giveaway, most will walk away with nothing. So I’m making sure the Republic at least walks away with something, even if it’s not the grand prize.

Also, stay on the lookout for my interquels, the first of which I’ll release come February 2022 involving a minor character that you will meet in both Wind Wielder and Wind Master. And in March 2022, I’ll release Wind Keeper, along with yet another giveaway, plus one more magnet for the Republic.

So yes, you’re getting tons of free stories just for remaining part of the Republic.

What is a Storyverse?

Check out this definition by the Urban Dictionary


What Do These Magnets Pertain To?

Chronicles of Rondure
Chronicles of Rondure sets the stage for a future series in the Elementals Universe.

Each reader magnet tells the story of a protagonist or soon-to-be member of the main cast. For example, in Chronicles of Rondure, you meet a character who will become part of the main cast in a future novel. But in the Braden Hawk Prequel, you’ll meet a character that has their own series in the Terrian Chronicles.

Keep in mind that you’ll find hardly any spoilers here. In fact, odds are you’ll discover that these magnets end in cliffhangers that continue into my paid works. I know that might draw some bad blood with some, but isn’t that what you find in just about any TV show, movie, or book?

So, if you don’t want to be left begging for more, don’t join the Republic. Or feel free to join, but just don’t read my works! But if you don’t mind being left hanging, or cliffhanging reader magnets are your thing, then you’ll find a lot of them when you join the Readers Republic.

And odds are, given the number of prequel reader magnets and even interquels that I come out with, you’re probably going to fall in love with at least one of my series. Especially if you’re into magical systems, sword and sorcery, and other epic fantasy tropes entwined with a genre-bend into modern-day society. Yeah, things get a little weird in the Elementals Universe.

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Get Ready for Some Perks

I love to think of the Republic’s members (free to join, by the way) as those who have signed up for a loyalty program. You know, like a store loyalty program. That said, I’m not one to bribe potential customers into becoming paying customers as most loyalty programs do.

So instead, I’m one of those authors who will throw some interesting stories at readers who find my work interesting, and as a result stick with the Republic. So there’s no purchase necessary to enjoy perks to the program. However, after reading a few of these magnets, you may find at least one interesting series to get behind. Even if you don’t become a fan of every series in the Elementals Universe.