Tribe of Valitut: Why Didn’t Authorities Kill Them Off?

Why Tamuria never killed off the Tribe of Valitut

In Wind Wielder, you meet the scions of an ancient tribe called the Tribe of Valitut. Within this tribe came the Chosen Nine of Eidolon. 

For centuries, global authorities had the Chosen Nine of Eidolon in their grasp. So if this is the case, you will know from reading Wind Wielder that these authorities did not kill them off. And you may be wondering why. There is actually a good reason authorities did not kill off the scions of the Lost Tribe of Valitut.

If there is one flaw in global superpowers depicted in the Five Worlds, it is arrogance, with exploitation being a close second. These superpowers sought to control the populace through the latter’s own demand. Also through that demand, they wanted to control descendants of powerful elemental tribes like the Tribe of Valitut. 

While the Tribe of Valitut was something these powerful authorities wanted to control, they did want to kill the Chosen Nine. Knowing the Chosen Nine displayed characteristics the other descendants did not, they felt they could easily locate them. Unfortunately, these authorities’ arrogance made this a tough endeavor.

How the Tribe of Valitut’s Chosen Nine Survived to 0 Before the Battle of Oslo’s Port (BBOP)

Sold Into Slavery or Downgraded

Wind Keeper: Elementals of Nordica: Book III

By selling the Tribe of Valitut’s scions into slavery or downgrading them into the lowest social classes of society, authorities and those who enforced their laws inadvertently suppressed these descendants’ ability to practice their element legally. This loophole became the key contributor to the Chosen Nine’s survival.

Since authorities forbade such practices, the Chosen Nine existed under their masters’ noses. Not necessarily thriving, as at this point in the World of Eidolon’s history between 600 and ~2,000 BBOP, it wasn’t in their cards to thrive. Had that happened, slave owners or authority figures would have located and killed off the Nine. The best thing for the Nine at the time was to remain dormant.

Further, another flaw in the plan existed. Authorities needed to ensure that they killed off all nine members. And since the Tribe of Valitut was not concentrated in one geographic area, notorious superpowers like Tamuria could do no more than capture a suspected member.

This tidbit laid the basis for The Cymraeg Talesin which King Magnu – an ancestor of the King Magnu in Wind Wielder – caught word of an overly powerful Spirit Master in the lowly Untouchable societal class.

However, Magnu heard no reports of other overly-powerful and young elemental masters in the Untouchable communities. Therefore, he contacted authorities in the northern nation of Fennoscandia, knowing many Untouchables descended from there.

He also new his ancestor and founder of the House of Magnu, Morgana I, sought for Tamuria to eventually annex Gaelica, a nation located beyond Tamuria’s northern border. It was also a nation the ancestors of Tamuria’s Untouchables had crossed through over 1,000 years before the events of The Cymraeg Tales. This set the stage for a future war with Gaelica.

Why Kill Them All At Once?

Wind Ruler

One major issue regarding the Chosen Nine is that, even if one were to kill off eight of the nine members, the last surviving member could go into hiding and, through a single generation, repopulate the Nine. This would occur only if that member of the Nine knew who they were.

To ensure ignorance in this regard, the House of Magnu and its allies that included Cymraeg, Fennoscandia, and other regional powers enlisted Holymen to rewrite the Sacred Texts

They demanded the Texts to be written to fit their political views, meaning anything they wanted to censor, they censored. It was also around this time the most powerful families in the Eurean Continent switched allegiances from the Goddess Trinity to Her son, Langennut, though they told no one, not even their Holymen, of the switch.

Trinity, they deciphered, was their enemy, since the Chosen Nine of Eidolon’s purpose was to limit global leaders’ power. The Chosen Nine descended from Trinity’s daughter, Valitut. This meant that, if the Chosen Nine lived, global leaders, regardless, would never have the ability to fully exert their power over the populace. It went against Trinity’s will, but after psychically contacting Langennut, He revealed His will of seeing the Chosen Nine destroyed. This gave the two parties a common enemy.

They also knew that, throughout history, the Chosen Nine, somehow, always sprung up when it appeared a nation or empire of the known world was on the verge of claiming supreme victory over its enemies and subjects. With this in mind, they concluded Trinity worked against their interests while Langennut worked for their interests.

The Tribe of Valitut’s Chosen Nine Survives

Chronicles of Rondure

Since we meet the Nine in 0 BBOP in Wind Wielder, we know they survived the wrath of every global superpower. Now, however, the Nine faces extinction and they are often known as the Terminal Generation of the Chosen Nine.

The Sacred Texts prophecies a time when the Chosen Nine must rise without any heirs. And they must rise not only against the Tamurian Empire, but against global superpowers in each of the Five Worlds.

So why does Lord Tuukka Worthy still need to kill them off in one instance if he knew this prophecy? Easy. There is, and it is something you will see in Wind Keeper, a ritual that can be performed, to induct another into the Nine who is not a descendant of Valitut.

But this ritual, however, can only be used once for each fallen member of the Nine. So it is that this point Tamuria can kill them off. The problem, however, is that Tuukka was not aware of this.

So, are you ready to learn more about the Chosen Nine of Eidolon and the Tribe of Valitut? Check out Wind Wielder today!