What are Interquel Books and How Can You Get Them?

Interquel Books

If you become a member of the Readers Republic, odds are you will hear me talk about interquel books. So what are interquels, exactly?

Interquels are exactly how they sound, to be honest. If you’ve ever read a prequel or a sequel to a work, an interquel is synonymous with them. Difference is, they take place during the events between two books. For example, the events of Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica ends three months before the events of Wind Keeper – Book III in Elementals of Nordica begins.

Perfect time for an interquel work, right?


Interquel books are trending upward regarding authors of all genres, and I’m no different. Having first heard the term from a Reedsy article, the idea hooked me, and I immediately started brainstorming potential interquel ideas.


How Will I Write Interquel Books?

My interquel books will range between a novelette and novella, so something between 10,000 and 17,000 words. Often, my main characters will take back seats here, freeing stage time for minor characters who will play a major role in the next full-length novel.

That said, don’t expect a story from Sion Zona’s point of view. Instead, you’ll see Sion hanging out in the background with the other major cast members. But since I’m the kind of author who craves ensemble casts to the point that it becomes a challenge to give all my characters a fair amount of stage time, it’s where the interquel books come in.

On the brightest side, you will get to know these characters from previous installments. So if you read Wind Wielder – Book I in Elementals of Nordica upon its release in January 2022 and Wind Master when I release it in February 2022, the interquel protagonists will already be familiar to you.


What’s the Purpose of a Minor Character Serving as a Protagonist?

Given the complexity of the plot at hand, which you will notice the second you finish Wind Master, that’s if you liked Wind Wielder enough to read Wind Master, the minor character serving as a protagonist in the interquel books will take on a POV role in the following work.

Think of my minor characters as rookies or high-end backups on an NFL team, to use a correlation. And think of their minor role as just that, rotating in to play a few downs when the starter rotates out. Well, now they’re about to take over either a starting position or a prominent position on the team. Or in the world of fiction, as part of the main cast.

Expect these minor characters to receive just as much stage direction as Sion, himself. Now, this is Sion’s series, don’t get me wrong. Sion’s the franchise quarterback here, the Kyler Murray of Elementals of Nordica. Okay, he’s the ten-plus-year starter here. But, sometimes the running back, the receiver, or even the tight end play prominent roles. And it brings the formerly minor character, who may have even made nothing more than a cameo in a previous work, into the limelight.

The interquel just allows you to know them better.


How Do You Get the Interquel Books?

Join the Readers Republic, and you’re there.

Expect Interquel Books after each book following Wind Master, not Wind Wielder. Instead, when you join the Readers Republic you will get the reader magnet prequel to the Elementals of Nordica Series, which serves as Wind Wielder’s attached freebie.

After Wind Keeper, expect another Interquel. Ditto for after Book IV. The only time you may not expect an interquel work is after the final book in a series, and I plan on taking Elementals of Nordica for a ride to at least five books, if not more. So if I write a sixth book, expect another interquel after Book V.

Given the crazy revelations and plot lines following Wind Master, I honestly don’t know what’s in store. But I can give you this spoiler alert: A) I alone know the basic plot lines. And B) You can expect to have the first four works in your hands by April 2022, since I plan on rapid-publishing the first four books in Elementals of Nordica.

So, join the Readers Republic, get Chronicles of the Elementals for free, and it will put you right on my mailing list to where you will can remain up to date about Elementals of Nordica, comp titles from other authors, and you’ll receive a horde of other perks and benefits, which you can read all about at the following link.

Thank you for reading today’s post, and Go Cardinals!