What are the Terrian Chronicles, Anyway?

What are the Terrian Chronicles?

So, you’re here because you stumbled upon Elementals of Nordica, either by claiming your free work at the Readers Republic or because you stumbled upon the Elementals Universe. Odds are, you’ve seen my work on Book Funnel, StoryOrigin, or Prolific Works and thought you’d check out my blog. But you may not know much about the Terrian Chronicles.

In the past, we’ve talked about the Chronicles of Rondure, along with the fact that you can get some exclusive Character and Elemental Cheat Sheets when you join the Republic (check the back matter in Chronicles of the Elementals).

But today, I want to talk to you about the Terrian Chronicles. It’s basically a retelling of Harry Potter, to an extent, anyway. Yet with a larger and more complex plot than J.K. Rowling’s classic series. It’s a book series that is also part of the Elementals Universe, and it will comprise several series within a series. In a manner of speaking, it’s a universe within a universe, a world within a world.

And unlike Elementals of Nordica and Chronicles of Rondure, it takes place right here on Earth. So it will ring a little differently than my other upcoming works.

Ready to learn more about the Terrian Chronicles?

Let’s get started.

Meet Braden Hawk – Your Main Character

Braden Hawk Prequel

The Terrian Chronicles is told a little differently than my other works. You’ll notice that Chronicles of the Elementals and Chronicles of Rondure read in third-person, past tense. You’ll see the same in the Terrian Chronicles, but with one massive exception: In Braden Hawk’s series, called Braden Hawk, he’s our primary character and he tells the story in the first-person, present tense.

As I said, the Terrian Chronicles is ultimately a retelling of Harry Potter, but Braden is NOT our Harry Potter character. Instead, I based Braden on Sirius Black and Severus Snape. Yeah, so if the two fan favorites who loathed one another become one character, it’s Braden.

That said, Braden is, well, sort of edgy. Like Snape, he had an abusive and neglectful father. He is also half-blood, with his mother possessing wind elemental ability. His father was a Benight, the term Elementals use to refer to non-elementals. So, he had a Snape-like childhood, with a few exceptions.

For one, Braden never had an interest in dark elemental magick – yes, I spell it with a ‘K’ in the Terrian Chronicles, but only in the Terrian Chronicles. For another, he did not have a female love interest during his time at Celestial University. The Elemental version of Hogwarts, which kids attend once they turn eighteen. Here, they major in a specific area of study that pertains to their ability.

Braden has a Sirius-like personality. And as you’ll discover in his backstory, plus the events of the Braden Hawk Prequel, just how Black-like his situation is.

A few more tidbits about Hawk: He was born in April of 1991, just as I was. He too is a wind elemental. His cousins Lenny and Maddie are from opposite sides of his family, and they were his best friends at Celestial. He is from LaBelle, Ohio, a fictional town located in the Upper Ohio Valley based on my own hometown.


What is There to Know About the Terrian Chronicles?

As mentioned, it is a retelling of Harry Potter. Except this one has an ensemble cast of protagonists. Braden Hawk is the main act, but there are others, including the central character. Yes, Braden is the main character and you will probably get to know him the best. But he’s not the central character in the series. The character that this series is really about, but you’ll need to join the Readers Republic and wait until October 2021 when I release the Braden Hawk Prequel to discover our central character.

That said, Braden has his own series within the series, our central character does too. As do a few others, all with an overarching storyline. Think something along the line Marvel Cinematics. Oh, and if you’ve read Chronicles of the Elementals or Chronicles of Rondure, odds are you will see a few of your favorite characters appear in the Terrian Chronicles.

Remember, we’re talking about the Five Worlds here, and Earth, or Terra as they call it, is just one of the Five Worlds. Again, you’re getting a lot of complexity here. Think Marvel Cinematics, especially from Ironman (2008) to Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Yeah, there will be a lot of episodes here. But don’t worry, these novels won’t fly to the same lengths as Harry Potter. Expect them to range between 60,000 and 70,000 words each. So we’re looking at mid-length novels. There isn’t as much worldbuilding here as in Elementals of Nordica, given the familiar terrain. But the magickal systems will still take a bit of time.


Other Series That Influenced the Terrian Chronicles

There are two series that I’m a huge fan of. World of the Gateway by E.E. Holmes, and Windhaven Witches by Carissa Andrews. If you’ve read them, you will find that our central character (not Braden Hawk) has a few characteristics derived from Jess Ballard and Autumn Blackwood.

I’m talking, obviously, about this individual’s status as a spirit elemental. Finally, right? We get a spirit POV for the first time in the Elementals Universe. I’m going to give a couple of spoilers here, but nothing that you probably aren’t already expecting.

For one, as with both World of the Gateway and Windhaven Witches, you’re getting a supernatural school as the primary setting, or at least a primary setting. For another, our central character discovers a chilling truth about themselves and their personal history.

And finally, I could not resist but to give this central character a whacked-out mentor. Sort of like what Fiona is to Jess Ballard in World of the Gateway. Even funnier is that I actually had a teacher with Fiona’s mannerisms in high school; one that would rant non-stop for the entire duration of class. Often about parents who didn’t care about how their kids performed in school – entertaining, to say the least.

So yeah, you will see a lot of World of the Gateway and influences from Windhaven Witches in the Terrian Chronicles, among other stories.


When Will I Release the Terrian Chronicles?

Don’t expect any full-length novel release until at least June 2022, and even that is a very aggressive estimate. Odds are, late 2022 or early 2023 is when you’ll find the first works at Amazon. However, I’ll provide regular updates here at the blog along with other tidbits.

Until then, if you’re reading today’s post after October 2021, join the Readers Republic and during the third email of my six-email welcome sequence, you’ll get access to the Braden Hawk Prequel, along with Chronicles of the Elementals and Chronicles of Rondure.

If you’re reading today’s post beyond January 2022, then Wind Wielder will have reached Amazon store shelves, with Wind Master behind it in February 2022, and Wind Keeper in March 2022. They comprise the first three works in Elementals of Nordica, the first series in the Elementals Universe that takes place in the World of Eidolon. But don’t be surprised if you see a few characters from it explore Terra.

Thank you for reading today’s post, and click the link above to join the Readers Republic to claim your free stories. I’ll talk to you soon.