What are the Benefits of Joining the Elementals of Nordica ARC Team?

Elementals of Nordica ARC Team

Are you looking to join an ARC team and garner free copies of some books as long as you post an honest review? If so, why not join my budding Elementals of Nordica ARC Team?

Especially if genre bending between a few different subgenres of fantasy is your thing along with some sci-fi, dystopian, and utopian concepts to name a few.

Because that’s what you’re getting if you read and enjoy my upcoming Elementals of Nordica Series. But if you’re unsure on whether it’s something you want to spend time reading, then why not download my freebie reader magnet, Chronicles of the Elementals? It will cost you nothing more than a mailing address, but the 17,000-word novella (which also contains the first four chapters of Wind Wielder) should show whether you’d like to dive deeper into the series.

But, getting a few free books thrown your way for as long as you will leave an honest review is just one of many benefits to joining the ARC Team.

Here are a few more.

Membership into the Readers Republic Insiders

Chronicles of the Elementals

Yep, if you’re a member of the ARC team then you’ll also gain full access as a Readers Republic Insider.

What is this, exactly?

Membership into the Readers Republic Insiders gives you a few more perks than my average Readers Republic members. Here, you’ll gain access to a few giveaways exclusive only to Insiders. So if I’m giving away the latest version of the Amazon Kindle, and I marked it exclusive to Insiders only, guess what?

Yeah, you’re already in the giveaway.

Isn’t that cool?

You’ll also get sample chapters of works as I complete them, as opposed to my regular members gaining only sample chapters from Wind Wielder, opportunities to beta read after I’ve written a few drafts, and more. Of course, the beta reading and feedback on the sample chapters are completely optional.

As long as you leave an honest review on launch day or within a two-week timeframe, you’ll remain on the ARC team!


Access to Future Books in the World of the Elementals

Elementals of Nordica is just one book series that I have in mind involving my elementals characters, a group with the ability to control the four classical elements, the fifth element of spirit, and even a few of what I call niche elements.

As a member of the ARC team, you’ll have access to any book or series within the World of the Elementals. Again, this deal remains as long as you leave an honest review. And no, there is no minimal star review, either. So if you 5-star one of my books then 1-star the next, you still have access.

There are plenty of authors whose work I love that have at least one book out there I didn’t particularly care for. So I’m not holding grudges against you for panning one work after praising others. It’s just the nature of the business.


Ultra-Early Access to Each Work

Wind Wielder

So, if all of the above sounds great, but you’re unsure about whether you could commit to reading novels between 75,000 and 85,000 words, don’t worry. Or, if you’re a book reviewer like me (did you check out Action-Packed Book Reviews?) and you have an extensive queue lined up, you also need not worry. I will hand out completed copies at least 12 weeks in advance.

So for example, if I release Wind Wielder on January 1st, 2022, expect it in your mailbox on October 1st, 2021. Ditto for any subsequent work. Oh, and if by any chance you know that you cannot leave a review within the two-week timeframe of its release, just send me a quick email and let me know, so I don’t take you off the ARC team.

Yes, you will get reprieves as long as you let me know ahead of time.

So, expect copies in your mailbox at least 12 weeks beforehand, take your time with the work, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Well, put it this way: If you love epic fantasy tropes set in a modern day time period with military fantasy, elemental magic, and science fiction backgrounds complete with complex plots on a global scale, you just might like Wind Wielder and its sequels.


How Long Will This Offer to Join the Elementals of Nordica ARC Team Last?

I’ll be offering positions to at least 50, but no more than 100 readers. However, since not everyone on the initial ARC team will review the work, I’ll be vetting names, so just state your interest and I’ll be happy to put you into the queue.

At the absolute least, you can still become an Insider and get your eyes on sample chapters, beta reading opportunities, access to giveaways for Kindles and other items with my latest works and others preloaded onto it, and even signed copies. So there are still a few ways to win freebies!

So once again, if you’re interested, click the link below, join the Readers Republic, reply to any email that I send your way, and I’ll add you to the roster.

Join the Readers Republic

That’s it for today, and Go Cardinals!