What Books Inspired the Chronicles of Rondure Saga?

What Inspired the Chronicles of Rondure Saga

Over at my sister site, Action-Packed Book Reviews, I had written about three books that inspired my Chronicles of Rondure Saga, which then I referred to as a ‘series.’  The three that jumped out at me the most were the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Resistance Series by Tracy Lawson (an all-time favorite), and Influence by David Bernstein.

However, it was a rather incomplete list that I had written off the top of my head. So today’s post provides a few more books that acted as the inspiration behind the Chronicles of Rondure Saga. But before we hop into Chronicles of Rondure, what does the saga entail, when will I release Book I, and what genre does it fit into, exactly?

The following sections will tell you more before I discuss a few more books that inspired my upcoming series in the umbrella Renegades Epic.

Chronicles of Rondure Saga Description/Release Information

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War

I was Culled at age five into the Bastille Military, the World of Rondure’s superpower…

…Having lived on-base for thirteen years, military life taught me two things: Mastery of the Smoke Element and to never apologize about using it on enemies

Now that I’m awaiting a sure death sentence for the crime of exposing Bastille’s true crimes, they’ve left me with no choice. When they try to extradite me, I will call upon my Sword of Smoke and escape this predicament, using every combat technique they taught me against them.

Then, I’ll take it upon myself to finish a mission I started years ago; to unplug the People of Bastille and let them know who the real enemy is: their home nation and its Capital City of Paramount.

As I go rogue, every authority figure with money, power, and influence in the Bastille Empire will want me dead. Thanks to them, I’m one of the most powerful Smoke Masters in the World of Rondure. And I’m ready to break the spell the people of my nation have lived under for over a century.

Civil War is yet another installment that features a strong heroine. Mina, who you meet in my Chronicles of Rondure reader magnet takes center stage in this one. Once again, we’re back into epic fantasy bending into science fiction with dystopian and thriller elements, non-stop kinetic action, and stakes so high that Mina’s success or failure will set forth the fate of Rondure forever.

Expect a release date of April 1st, 2021. And if you’re looking for a few genre-bending fantasy to hold you over until then, check out my Elementals of Nordica Series.


Genre and Sub-Genre in the Chronicles of Rondure Saga

Overall, you’re technically looking at epic fantasy and sword and sorcery tropes in the Chronicles of Rondure Saga. A genre-bending series much like Elementals of Nordica, Chronicles of Rondure bends you into a setting featuring science-fiction/dystopian concepts.

Unlike Elementals of Nordica and the Terrian Chronicles, which feature ensemble casts, you’re getting more of the classic first-person/past-tense view here and only a single point of view. And while the Chronicles of Rondure Saga entwines with Elementals of Nordica, the Terrian Chronicles, and even a planned series I’ve dubbed the Lost World Chronicles, you can read it as a single series, without the need to read the other series if you choose not to.

Overall, if you’re a fan of genre-bending, elemental magic, and sword and sorcery, you will love Chronicles of Rondure and Mina’s story as she seeks to unplug the populace from a Cull that she will learn comes in more ways than one.

Anyway, now that you have an idea of what Chronicles of Rondure entails, let’s explore a few more books that helped inspire the series.


What Inspired Chronicles of Rondure?

Pendomus by Carissa Andrews was not the first of her works that I stumbled across. And while Pendomus was not my favorite series from her (Windhaven Witches is hard to beat), it really set the stage for what was to come when I wrote Chronicles of Rondure.

In it, we follow Runa, who had spent her entire life in the Helix. In the Helix, they give you everything you need to make your life comfortable. You have ration-caps to keep you healthy, a nifty device implanted into your brain that allows you to recall anything you want, a well-placed job to help ensure the survival of the Helix, and they’ve even figured out ways to maximize your productivity by limiting sleep to just 30 minutes per day.

But what they don’t tell you is this – fall out of line or even question the ways of the Helix, then a madman will lead you to a fate worse than death. And this madman just happens to be relentlessly hunting for Runa. And he’s so bent on hunting her down that he’s literally bending time.

A bit of a fun fact: Pendomus also indirectly inspired Wind Wielder in Elementals of Nordica. For one, we learn about a madman endlessly pursuing our protagonists. And Wind Wielder’s description loosely follows that of Book I in the Pendomus Chronicles.

Beyond the Wall by Kate L. Mary is actually my current read (at the time of this writing!), and I’m taking endless notes, or mental notes, regarding much of the content in her latest dystopian series, Beyond. I’m not going to elaborate on the plotline since it sort of mirrors Pendomus – our protagonist, Drea, lives in what they call the Society, which like the Helix, gives you everything so long as you follow its orders. I’ve also seen many similarities between Traeton (Pendomus) and Jerrick (Beyond), the love interests of Runa and Drea, respectively.

While Beyond the Wall did not inspire my Chronicles of Rondure Prequel, you will see a lot of inspiration between the Society and the Bastillian Empire, also known as the Nation of Bastille, or the Superpower Nation of Bastille. The only real difference is that as you will learn in the Chronicles of Rondure Prequel, Mina is a little further ahead of the curve than Runa or Drea.



I vowed to create blog posts like these earlier, but thus far, I’ve only had time to get around to them at the sister site since I have reviewed each of the above works sans the Hunger Games. But I’ll also take the time to write posts on what helped inspire Elementals of Nordica, each series in the Terrian Chronicles, and also, the Lost World Chronicles.

So if you’re looking for how I’ve concocted each book series that I have written or will write, check back to the blog often as I’m always happy to point you to the stories and authors whose sensational works stuck with, or will stick with me.

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