The Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe

The Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe comprises (at least) three series that have been on the back burner of my mind for years. But since I was bent on retooling Elementals of Nordica, they remained in developmental hell longer than I’d have liked.

And while I love Chronicles of Rondure and Elementals of Nordica, the Terrian Chronicles Saga is by far my favorite. For one, it entwines storylines for all the main characters involved. Much like Marvel Cinematics. So if you’re a fan of Marvel and/or superhero fantasy, odds are you will enjoy the Terrian Chronicles.

Now, I wouldn’t compare Braden Hawk to Tony Stark (even if he’s one of many characters I based him on). Or Tarja Titan to the Black Widow (despite the book cover). Instead, think of the Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe as a meeting point between Marvel Cinematics and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Each main characters’ ability, at this point, is the ability to control a specific element.

However, it’s also set in a world of alternate history and current events. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.

The World of Terra

Braden Hawk Prequel

The World of Terra, where I’ve set the Terrian Chronicles, is much like our own. In fact, almost every location mentioned in the Chronicles exists.

There’s only one huge difference: Terra is a world where my favorite conspiracy theories also exist. Odds are, you’ve probably run into those conspiracies, and they make for stellar plot lines. So as mentioned, there’s a lot of alternate history here and even alternate current events in a world run by a group of elitists we often call the Deep State or the Shadow Government.

The difference between real-world conspiracies and the World of Terra?

Those elitists are powerful people who have mastered control of one of nine elements. You have your classical elements of wind (air), earth, fire, and water, plus the fifth element, spirit. I also added niche elements like blood, metal, wood, and vapor (also known as smoke in Elemental lingo because it sounds cooler).

Again, odds are, you’ve heard of the more popular theories. And if you’re a fan, the urban/paranormal fantasy twist on the elitists controlling Terra and their abilities will keep you reading well into the night. And odds are, you may need to call off work the following day.


Books in the Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe

So far, I have book series in the Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe comprising three protagonists among three different series:

  1. Braden Hawk: New Adult/Adult/Urban Fantasy/Superhero Fantasy
  2. Tarja Titan: Young Adult/New Adult/Academy/Paranormal Fantasy/Metaphysical
  3. Liza Fury: Young Adult/Superhero Fantasy/Academy/Urban Fantasy/Metaphysical

Odds are, I’ll create more since there is room for a few more protagonists who may not have Elemental ability. I brainstormed one of these featuring a seventeen-year-old protagonist, but I’m still unsure if I’ll bite on a series. If so, it’ll be a while – such as in 2023 at the earliest.

I’ve also drafted a novel entitled the Lost World Chronicles (working title) which would entwine with the Terrian Chronicles. I even mention one of the characters’ names from that book in the Liza Fury Prequel. That said, I got the Lost World Chronicles set to be released preferably in the second half of 2022/early 2023.


Characters in the Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe

Liza Fury

Initially, when I planned the Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe back in 2019-early 2020, I wanted five entwining series instead of just three. Braden Hawk, Tarja Titan, and Liza Fury are all identical to their initial ages. However, there are staunch differences.

For one, Braden was going to befriend Tarja, simultaneously discovering their abilities. Tarja was always going to have an older sister named Staf. However, her parental situation changed drastically. Ditto for Braden’s situation. Braden was initially going to be an investigative blogger. his love interest (name withheld) was going to be a missing person he would take it upon himself to locate.

Liza was going to be a problem child who would control water. However, I discovered a plot hole that nixed the entire Water Elemental storyline, so she became a Fire Elemental.

Also, Celestial University did not exist until I told a friend about the work and we’d gotten onto the subject of Harry Potter. It planted the seed in my mind and it retooled every single storyline mentioned above in ways I’d have never thought possible.

But I’ll say this: It became much easier to entwine the plots of my three protagonists mentioned above.


How Many Books Per Series?

Tarja Titan

There are two types of authors: Outliners and Pantsers. I write by the seat of my pants, so I’m in the latter category. Not that I don’t outline; I just pitch it the minute I begin writing because I often come up with better ideas pantsing.

Outlining a book series or even one book doesn’t and will never work for me. But hey, kudos to all those authors who do things by the book and outline every scene: I honestly don’t know how you all do it.

Then again, you are also looking at an author whose fitness lifestyle comprises 2x daily total body workouts whilst sucking down just one solid meal per day. Something that would make exercise scientists/dietitians cringe. But hey, I’m lean all year round.

What I’m getting to is, it’s not relevant for me to reveal how many books I’ll release in the Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe. You can at least expect a trilogy from Tarja, Braden, and Liza, I can tell you that much. But odds are, the characters have other ideas regarding their arcs and I couldn’t tell you when I will complete those arcs.

But hey, that’s the benefit of following an author who writes by the seat of his pants. The same goes for Chronicles of Rondure and Elementals of Nordica, though I’m zeroing in on six books for the latter.


Speaking of Nordica and Rondure…

The two series, plus the Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe, complete the Elementals Universe. Therefore, you will see characters from Nordica and Rondure enter the Terrian Chronicles, too. Especially following my latest edit of Nordica, there will be a lot of entwinement going on.

So if you’re reading this page in 2022-23, odds are the entwinement has already occurred, and you can see for yourself firsthand if you have a Kindle. Just fall in love with Nordica, Terrian, or Rondure, and you’re good to go. Yes, so the shared universe resides within another shared universe in worlds full of elitists conspiring to take over the Five Worlds.

Yeah, if that’s you’re thing, prepare for your next binge-fest. But in the meantime, download a free Terrian Chronicles Novella and get hooked.