Who Inspired Wind Wielder? (Magical Systems, Themes, Characters)

Who Inspired Wind Wielder?

Every author has read books that inspired their own. And it’s no different when it comes to Wind Wielder – Book I in Elementals of Nordica. Sion Zona and eight others are the prime targets of a group of madmen bent on ringing in a devastating prophecy.

While more than just books inspired Wind Wielder, I’m talking to you about books that directly inspired Wind Wielder. Books that you can go check out at the Amazon Store if you’re on Kindle Unlimited or if Amazon is your preferred place to shop.

While I classify Wind Wielder as an epic fantasy given the tropes, sword and sorcery, and link to ancient societies, you can call it a genre-bend. It wouldn’t surprise me if readers referred to it with alternative labels like a science fantasy, an urban fantasy, a paranormal fantasy, or a military fantasy. Perhaps you can give the work your unique label.

I’ll always see it as an epic/high fantasy – bent into a modern society.

Enough chatter. Time to discover some inspiring books.

1 – World of the Gateway by E.E. Holmes – Prophecies

World of the Gateway

If you read my sister site – Action-Packed Book Reviews – you will find in-depth coverage of World of the Gateway by E.E. Holmes. I read World of the Gateway from Halloween 2020 to New Year’s Eve, determined to finish it by January 1st. It encompassed 10 books plus a collection of short stories entitled ‘Tales from the Gateway.’

There was one prophecy that jumped out at me in Part I of World of the Gateway, the Gateway Trilogy. Click the above link, and it will take you to my review of the work. Anyway, you won’t find this prophecy in Wind Wielder; but in my later work. However, the prophecy set the stage for Wind Wielder and the entire Elementals of Nordica Series.

This prophecy, a common trope in most fantasy novel series, exposes itself in Book III – Wind Keeper, in case you’re wondering.

World of the Gateway also helped inspire my other two series entitled the Terrian Chronicles and Chronicles of Rondure. Since I don’t outline, I did NOT see this coming in Chronicles of Rondure. But, since I consider World of the Gateway my all-time favorite series not named Harry Potter, I’m sure the series above won’t be the last of my works Holmes’s classic will inspire.


2 – Pendomus by Carissa Andrews – Story Arc

Pendomus Chronicles

I first stumbled upon Carissa Andrews after I looked for a comp title to World of the Gateway. That work, the Windhaven Witches, became a favorite. But with most authors I admire, I peeked into Andrews’s backlist and stumbled upon Pendomus.

I was already well into my drafts with Wind Wielder when I read Pendomus. However, it allowed me to tweak the work more to where the primary antagonist in Wind Wielder would further set the stage to pursue Sion Zona. Much like Videus does to Runa.

Now, when I say story arc, Sion’s story in no way follows Runa’s. But there are a few tropes that I sharpened a little more in Wind Wielder and its sequels after reading Pendomus. Plus, from a genre standpoint, Wind Wielder and Pendomus resemble one another well – different world, magical systems in place, dystopian/utopian settings, etc.


3 – Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – Story Arc/Characters

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter inspired Tarja Titan more than it did Wind Wielder. Not that Tarja Titan is a retelling of Harry Potter because of a few massive twists that turn a classic trope upside down – which may or may work. But there are plenty of similarities between Harry Potter’s story arc and Wind Wielder.

And it goes far beyond a sports-related subplot, I assure you. However, it begins with a specific attack that I’ll probably end up writing a prequel series about. I won’t elaborate much on it in the first three books because Sion won’t find it out for a while. But when he does, I might finally break my protagonist.

You’ll see many characters that resemble other characters in the series. I modeled Col Eriksson’s speech patterns and mind after Albus Dumbledore. Hermione Granger was a massive inspiration behind one of my main supporting characters in Wind Wielder, Liri Viorunen. There’s also Hannah Kakko, who may remind you of Ginny – youngest in the family, the only girl, fiercer than she looks, etc.

I also conducted extensive research on Rowling and discovered she carefully selected character names. I’m no different. For example, I named Sion Zona after my freelance writing name (Sion Fawkes) plus the State of Arizona (Zona). Liri’s named after the Italian Lira. And I name many characters after singers, hence Tarja Titan, who has a best friend named Floor.


4 – Resistance Series by Tracy Lawson – Themes

Counteract by Tracy Lawson

Readers have taken to Lawson’s themes better than I imagined. And Lawson reminds me of another author named Kate L. Mary, who also boasts similar themes. Mary is an author I somehow just discovered, although she’s written over 50 titles.

I won’t elaborate too much on Lawson’s themes as they pertain to Wind Wielder because you would get a bunch of spoilers. But I took the themes in the Resistance Series and spun them from dystopian and into genre-bending fantasy.

In Lawson’s first novel, Counteract, the inciting incident inspired Wind Wielder’s prequel, Chronicles of the Elementals. You don’t need to read the prequel to understand Wind Wielder. As I touch on the events that take place in Chronicles in Wind Wielder.

The Resistance Series is one of two books on today’s list that does not reside in the fantasy genre. Instead, it’s a young adult dystopian series set in the not-too-distant future.


5 – Preston Six by Matt Ryan – Idea

Rise of the Six by Matt Ryan

I read the Preston Six in June 2020. Okay, so I retired after the fourth book, but it was still fast-paced, action-packed, and a great series to draw inspiration. It gave me the overall trope of Wind Wielder as I toiled away at its first draft during those summer nights in 2020. At the time, I wasn’t working for pay, nor was I leaving my house often. So I thought I’d make myself useful and read, then write my draft when something inspired me.

The Preston Six is also not in the fantasy genre but more into dystopian science fiction. When I downloaded Book I entitled The Rise of the Six; the series wasn’t what I expected. But I finished the work in five days, which led me to Book II, The Call of the Six.

I was never hot on Ryan’s endings. So I vowed to make necessary changes to at least give Elementals of Nordica (and other series) some hope. I may go back and read Books V and VI since reviewers have stated the series ends well. A major plus in my book.



I know that I left a few works hanging out to dry. But it’s nearly midnight as I write this post, so I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I left a work or two out there.

Anyway, if you love action-packed fantasy/sci-fi/dystopia, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these books from the Amazon Store. Especially if you’re looking for a binge read, because overall, you got 32 books to dive into.

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