Wind Master – Elementals of Nordica Book II, is Coming Along

Wind Master - Elementals of Nordica, Book II

Since I’ve practically finished my edits with Wind Wielder – Book I in the Elementals of Nordica, Wind Master – Elementals of Nordica Book II, has received the most TLC lately. If you have yet to hear of Elementals of Nordica, know that it’s my upcoming book series set to be released in January 2022, starting with Wind Wielder. Wind Master will follow in February 2022, before Wind Keeper follows in March 2022.

Yes, we’re rapidly publishing this one, mainly because I’m looking to gain a readership from anyone who loves genre-bending fantasy and science fiction with dystopian and utopian concepts. So if you’re a fan of sword and sorcery amidst modern-day societies, elemental magic, and military fantasy, odds are, you will like Elementals of Nordica.

Elementals of Nordica touches into all of these, with Wind Master leaning further into science fiction. So yes, if science fiction is your main thing as opposed to fantasy, it’s still a good idea to give Wind Master and the entire Elementals of Nordica Series a whirl.

When Can You Expect Elementals of Nordica to Kickoff?

As mentioned, look for a January 2022 launch date with Wind Wielder before Wind Master launches in February 2022. But if you’ve joined my mailing list, dubbed the Readers Republic, you actually get a sneak peek at the first four chapters of Wind Wielder. Oh, and you also get to download my prequel, Chronicles of the Elementals.

Chronicles of the Elementals is a novella that documents the events leading to the inciting incident in Wind Wielder. It takes place between one to seven days before we meet Sion Zona and Liri Viorunen for the first time in Wind Wielder. But we also glimpse them in Chronicles. The free work is a great way to gain an introduction to the World of Elementals, its main cast in Wind Wielder, and even into the tropes.

If you join the Republic and you’re interested in becoming a Readers Republic Insider, just respond to my welcome email and you’re in. Often, I’ll allow between 50 and 100 readers in at a time. But at the time of today’s writing, I’m still very new to the game, so I got some space for you. One perk of joining the Insiders is to get your hands on ARCs of every future work. As long as you write honest reviews for them, you’re good to go.

Just leave your honest opinion at Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, and your favorite outlets. If you only review to one of those outlets, that’s cool too.


When Could You Expect to Receive ARCs for Wind Master and Others?

I believe three months ahead of time will suffice. So once you’re an Insider looking to get your hands on the ARC, I’ll place you onto a separate mailing list and 90 days before the launch of each work, you’ll get your ARC. So, if I launch Wind Wielder on January 31st, expect a gift from me on October 31st. If I launch it on January 1st, then of course you should expect it on October 1st.

Ditto for Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica, and Wind Keeper – Book III in the series. And again, if you review the works and post those reviews to Amazon preferably within the first week of publication, you’ll keep getting ARCs. If not, then I’ll need to make room for those on the waiting list. Unless of course, you alert me ahead of time.

Yes, that means once Elementals of Nordica ends after at least five books and I work on my following series (it is on file!) continue to expect those ARCs.


Looking for Beta-Readers

Becoming a beta-reader is another perk to becoming an Insider. For Books III, IV, and V in Elementals of Nordica and any work beyond, I’m craving feedback from readers like you. While I had a few eyes on both Wind Wielder and Wind Master, more is better in this situation.

So if you’re an Insider, always keep on the lookout for an invite to beta-read the work. Remember, that the beta copies are not ARCs, so don’t worry about reviewing them. Just provide feedback via email if you’d like with your honest opinion. Also, since they’re not ARCs, I don’t require Insiders to read these and give feedback. So if you are an Insider who beta reads, thank you. If not, you still got the ARC coming your way.


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